8 points to consider when buying retail point of sale

Buying a new retail POS can involve complex questions about the current state of the enterprise and how the POS, as part of the overall IT strategy, can help it achieve its business goals in the future. Customers’ expectations of a seamless, personalized, omni-channel shopping experience mean that POS can no longer stand alone at the cash desk.

As well as connecting sales associates with consumers through different channels, it needs to integrate with back-office applications to provide fast, accurate information for planning, decision-making and streamlined customer service. Achieving that flexibility enables a unique shopping experience with the customer at the center, wherever they are and whatever channels they use during their shopping journey.

The issues highlighted in this paper provide some key points to consider when selecting retail POS. By focusing on the matters discussed above, in addition to specific business needs, retail managers can identify the POS system that will enable them to deliver a unique shopping experience, now and in the future.

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