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Business leaders, CFOs, CTOs, and PMO managers, are you still struggling with fragmented tools and lacking centralized project visibility?



Discover how advanced real-time project accounting Progressus solution intergrated in the cloud-based, all-in-one ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you avoid errors, save time, and achieve client satisfaction.


Download the recording to:

  • Find out how to quickly set up a project with accurate estimates.
  • Explore advanced project tracking, resource planning and budget management. 
  • Learn how real-time tracking gives you complete visibility into project progress and budget adherence.
  • Find out how Power BI standard reporting allows managers to spot cost overruns early.
  • Dive in the Microsoft 365 familiar user interface that simplifies adoption and reduces the learning curve.


Sounds like what you're looking for, right?

Join our expert George Stavropoulos, Microsoft Principal Sales Director, and Jeff Smith, Solutions Architect, to discover what Business Central and Progressus, as a powerful duo, can do for your business.


Meet our speakers:

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