Damasix - For an Integrated Management System

Damasix, the daily management system developed by Createch is focused on the process enabling the daily plan become reality through: 

  • Frequent monitoring of the actual state;
  • Quick response to interruptions;
  • Structured approach to the suppression of root causes.

Damasix allows you to leverage your personnel’s full potential effectively and attain a better outcome.

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Strong Continuous Improvement Foundations

With over 25 years of mentoring organizations through their continuous improvements efforts, our seasoned team of experts developed Damasix, in accordance with Lean management principles to meet the challenges of daily management field teams are facing.

Standardisation-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185 Standardized Activities

Standardized Activities

Key tasks to be carried out on a daily basis are determined and organized for each stakeholder to act upon. Meetings, audits, Gemba or follow-up walks can be seen and structured within the standard agenda, allowing each stakeholder to work proactively. The level of details must be sufficient and visually intuitive to ensure each activity included in the agenda is carried out effectively.  


With a simple click, it is possible to visualize every task to be carried out on the app’s landing page or to get more information in relation to each item. 

Collaboration -icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185 Active Collaboration

Active Collaboration

Daily management relies on the participation of each stakeholder in relation to the organization’s key activities. Collaboration within or among teams is crucial to reach daily goals. 


To that effect, the application provides modules such as notes, chat rooms, and to-do lists. Consequently, any information whether for the user’s personal use or useful to the functioning of the team is easily accessible.  

Suivi des faits-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185 Frequent Fact Tracking

Frequent Fact Tracking

Fact reporting is the basis of improvement. Through audits and Gemba walks, managers or supervisors get an accurate picture of the actual state and can therefore act consequently.  


The application allows saving all relevant data as well as taking pictures or recording videos, thus pinpointing facts to retain for improvement.  

Communication-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185 Standardized Communication

Standardized Communication

Thorough meetings and communications are two crucial elements to daily management. Time is of the essence in operations and each communication must be thoroughly prepared, structures and effective.  


The application allows detailing the agenda for each daily or weekly key meeting, and better anticipate the expected level of preparation, without neglecting to mention expected deliverables and relevant indicators.  

Développement continu-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185 Continuous Development

Continuous Development

Through their daily involvement in the completion of the operation plan and discussions related to improvement, each resource benefits from the sharing of knowledge and evolves through best Lean practices. 


Thanks to accessibility to improvement data, involvement in the completion of audits, and the proximity to development through Gemba, everything is set out to promote learning, engagement, and the questioning of daily waste. 

Amélioration continu-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185-1 Continuous Improvement on All Levels

Continuous Improvement on All Levels

Everyone’s knowledge and expertise are put to contribution toward a common goal: improve. Through prioritization of improvements based on concrete goals, each resource is involved in solving issues of various complexity levels in their sector of expertise.  


The application makes it possible to visualize improvement priorities and implementation efforts assessed by the teams themselves. Therefore it is easy to observe the scale of the improvements as well as the team’s efforts during daily meetings.  


Whether on a tablet, an intelligent device, or a desktop computer, Damasix provides every functionality you need to carry out your daily plan.


Standardized Agenda

It is used to effectively manage important tasks in support of operations. Features included in the standard agenda are as follows:

  • Management meetings
  • Gemba walks
  • Standard audits
  • Improvement activities
  • Support activities

Agendas standardisés

Meeting Agenda

It provides a framework for management meetings, increasing their effectiveness

  • Specific goals
  • Communicated agenda
  • Predetermined duration
  • Notes related to meetings

Agenda des rencontres

Improvement Cards Dashboard

It is a tool for sharing the progress of improvement projects.

  • Prioritization of cards as listed in the backlog
  • Assignment of cards to teams
  • Management of team capacity using Kanban dashboards
  • Tracking of cards progress status

Tableau des cartes d’amélioration

Management Performance Indicators

Their purpose is to analyze the performance of managers in the execution of their tasks.

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Level of information adapted to user’s needs
  • Performance tracking in real time
  • Easy tracking and maintenance of management framework

Indicateurs de performance de gestion

The Non-Compliance and Continuous Improvement View

To reduce non-compliance and increase continuous improvements

  • Monitoring of non-complying situations
  • Visualization of data adapted to user’s needs
  • Volume of improvement cards over time

Non-conformités et amélioration continue


Why Choose Damasix to Implement an Integrated Management System?

  • For the last 25 years, our purpose has been to significantly improve our clients’ profitability. Createch sets itself apart from competitors through its extensive expertise combining business process optimization to the implementation of technological solutions. We have gained the trust of over 1,500 organizations across Canada and we are still going strong.

    Choosing Createch, means gaining access to more than 250 employees who collectively hold over 200 different certifications in a wide variety of fields.

    You can count on Createch’s expertise for tangible benefits. Our consultants’ expertise will ensure an effective transition to the Industry 4.0 and the use of a DMS. Thanks to our understanding of industry issues and extensive knowledge, you can expect considerable improvements, such as:

    • 15% improvement in the ability to develop achievable plans
    • 10 to 25% increase in productivity
    • 20 to 35% decrease in reworking
    • 20 to 40% decrease in cycle time

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