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MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 fOMicrosoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a management solution designed for medium and large enterprises. It helps organizations streamline their business processes, improve customer interactions, and thereby foster growth.
Easy to use, this solution allows you to manage all company activities, including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and operations. By integrating all your financial, operational, and customer data on a single platform, you'll have all the necessary information in real time to make informed strategic decisions.
Formerly known as AX, Microsoft Finance and Operations (F&O) has transformed to align perfectly with your needs. It redefines financial agility, unifying data to maximize your performance and sharpen your competitiveness in the market.

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Discover How to Maximize Your Potential With Microsoft Finance and Operations

As a complete integrated management system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can be customized to your financial and operational needs with a variety of extensions. 
Count on the tools you need, without paying for features you will not use. You will have what you need for:
  • Increasing productivity and responsiveness through customizable activity alerts;
  • Improving financial management and streamlining the management of resources;
  • Promoting innovation by using the information provided by artificial intelligence;
  • Increasing user participation through dedicated workspaces;
  • Taking advantage of commercial opportunities;
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through personalized service. 
This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system responds to the changing needs of retail, manufacturing, distribution and professional service companies. Entrust the management of your operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and focus on the most important element of your business: your customers.




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"We had 10 years of financial data of varying quality. We had a company with a footprint of nearly one billion dollars and nearly 20 different accounting methods, none of which were perfect. We needed to align ourselves with a common system that didn't require all these customizations."


Chief Financial Operations Officer, consultancy

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance - Forrester




Entrust the Management of Your Operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Focus on What Truly Matters: Your Customer.







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For 25 years, we have been driving businesses with innovative tech solutions and a proven mastery of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have nearly 250 multi-certified experts specializing in business processes and integrated technology. Today, more than 1500 partners trust us!


Talan successfully supports you in your business objectives by maximizing your financial agility through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to support your growth and propel you towards optimal financial performance in the midst of an ever-evolving market.


So, together, let's navigate towards your success.


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LS Central enriches Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations by incorporating dedicated retail functionalities. This unique platform offers financial services, a point-of-sale system, store management, supply chain, inventory, e-commerce, and customer loyalty.



Docentric complements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations by optimizing the design and printing of your SSRS reports, and enhancing email delivery, printing, and archiving, all at no cost. Transform your invoices, orders, quotes, checks, and labels for more efficient management and presentation.



Experlogix seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, providing a suite of business applications that ease customer acquisition through dedicated digital solutions and efficient document automation. Access all the tools needed to generate, send, and manage crucial documents.


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QBuild ensures a smooth integration between CAD and ERP systems, thereby enhancing engineering productivity and ensuring consistency between the two systems. This solution accelerates data flow between departments, reduces data entry errors, and frees engineers from administrative tasks, resulting in faster and more precise production.

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