Enable Company-Wide Planning Beyond Finance

CPAs, Accountants and Financiers: Do These Situations Resonate with You?

  • You use a large number of complex and interconnected Excel files.
  • Your financial information is located in different computer systems and you waste a lot of time putting it together.
  • You have difficulty making continuous and timely forecasts.
  • The production of your budget scenarios is painstaking.
  • You perform manual tasks with no added value.
  • You need support from IT to build your reports.
  • Despite your efforts, the data available contains errors.

Finance Function Revamped

Createch invites you to a webinar that will change your perception of the finance function. Thanks to our knowledge of the world of finance and best practices in the implementation of technological solutions, generating efficiency gains will never have been easier.

See Workday Adaptive Planning in Action

We will showcase the Workday Adaptive Planning solution (formerly Adaptive Insights), and you will be able to see how this solution, combined with the Createch expertise, can help you in:

  • Your planning, budgeting, and financial forecasts;
  • Fast book closing, month-end closing, and reporting;
  • Report management and data analysis;
  • And more!

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