Primeau Velo

Success Stories

Implementation of the LS Nav Solution Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We have studied several solutions for our organization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS NAV were the only ones that suited us the most. We found them extremely powerful and complete. In addition, they met our specific needs. We are no longer limited by our software, but supported and better equipped to move forward with the growth of Primeau Vélo.
Éric Primeau President, Primeau Vélo

Impressive Results

Operational efficiency

  • Improved data management
  • Uniformity of business processes
  • Productivity gains

Customer service

  • Access to articles’ availability in real time on the web
  • Ability to buy online and pick up in store
  • Omnichannel customer experience (store and web)

About Primeau Vélo

Founded in 1928, Primeau Vélo is one of the largest bicycle retailers in Quebec. The company specializes in the sale of bicycles, apparel, bicycle parts, and accessories from renowned brands. It also offers maintenance and upgrade services. Primeau Vélo has one store in Brossard and another in Laval, as well as a transactional site.

Challenges and Goals

Primeau Vélo primarily wanted to centralize its purchases and operations to gain productivity. The company wished to eliminate work in isolation and optimize data entry into the system to avoid:

  • the creation of items in three different locations (Brossard, Laval and the website);
  • unshared customer records;
  • decentralized gift cards.

The company also wanted to make all of its products available to its customers on the internet, as well as homogenize prices between its branches and its site to ensure consistency, an essential element of e-commerce today.

To support all its operations, Primeau Vélo made plans to implement a unique system including:

  • outlets;
  • the mechanical services department;
  • finances;
  • purchases;
  • the connection with the Magento e-commerce platform.

Towards the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Nav!

Primeau Vélo decided to implement these two solutions because they are complete and include all the required modules. In addition, they are proven and can be integrated with other platforms.

To optimize business processes, while ensuring that they are aligned with the best practices of the management system (ERP), several interventions have taken place, including the:

  • merger of the three entities (two stores and one website) and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS NAV;
  • connection with the Magento e-commerce platform;
  • centralization of data relating to:
    • products;
    • customer records;
    • management of prices and balances;
    • customer service management.