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44% of ERP implementation projects produce less than 50% of expected benefits, 64% of projects end up above planned costs... due to lack of framing and preparation.

[Panorama Consulting]

From managing your growth, to starting your digital shift, to replacing end-of-life systems, selecting your new ERP will be one of the most important business decisions you'll ever make as an organization. A wise choice will put wind in the sails of your company and will ensure positive benefits for many years to come. A bad choice could quickly become a heavy burden to bear.

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To increase your chances of success, use Talan’s unique ERP selection offering. You can count on our distinctive expertise in improving lean-based business processes, combined with our knowledge of management systems, to identify your critical needs and define a realistic project plan.

Contact our advisors to support you in your initiative with:

  • A strong command of SAP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365, JD Edwards and NetSuite;
  • Diverse experience of industry best business practices;
  • Extensive experience with companies of all sizes in the implementation of an ERP system.

A Structured and Engaging Approach

Before you even enter into the selection of an ERP system, it is essential to understand your needs. This is where our consultants can help by offering you an effective and reassuring approach to avoid any future questioning of the chosen software. Our structured approach will allow you to set up a foundation based on the consensus of your managers in order to easily start the selection and implementation of the project.

The success of your project rests on three pillars: people, processes and technology. Why? Because, according to Panorama Consulting, among the 64% of companies declaring to have completed their project with a cost overrun:

  • 46% misjudged the technical needs
  • 45% misjudged organizational issues
  • 31% miscalculated the extent of their project

The main steps of our approach include:

  • Definition of the vision of information systems
  • Establishment of an information system strategy
  • Identification of needs for selection
  • Proposal for a deployment plan
  • Cost-benefit analysis and impacts 

Why Choose Talan for the Selection of your Future ERP System?

For more than 25 years, we have been about significantly improving the profitability of our customers. Talan distinguishes itself in the market by its extensive expertise combining the optimization of business processes with the implementation of technological solutions. We have gained the trust of more than 1,500 organizations across Canada and are continuously building our momentum.

Choosing Talan means accessing our 250 or so employees who collectively hold more than 200 different certifications in various fields.

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