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Are You Facing Challenges in Achieving or Managing the Growth, Governance, and Performance of Your Company?

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At Talan, we understand that the key to success lies in a tailored strategy, no matter your industry. Our targeted consulting services help you plan your investments efficiently and seize opportunities for quick gains. In a market demanding excellence and competitiveness, our experts support you in your digital transformation 4.0, precisely meeting your unique needs.

How can Talan help you in your approach?

With Talan, rise to the challenges of performance and operational efficiency. We optimize your processes, reduce your operational costs, and deploy customized excellence strategies. Our goal? To propel you towards sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness.

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Expertise, Skills, and Knowledge Transfer, That’s Our Winning Strategy.

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MANUFACTURE Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing Strategy

Accelerate your productivity and operational efficiency with Talan and build a robust competitive strategy to outperform the market. Our personalized approach ensures controlled and sustainable expansion, integrating adaptable structures and processes that support agile growth.

With Talan, transform competitiveness and profitability into tangible success.


Manufacturing Performance Consulting Service: Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • Development of Manufacturing Strategies
  • Factory Layout and Cell Design
  • Increasing Production Capacity


Audit and Digital Transformation 4.0 : 

  • Digital 4.0 Plan
INNOVATIONS Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Talan guides you towards innovative strategies to strengthen governance and energize your workforce.

By embracing inclusive leadership practices and implementing skills development programs, we foster team synergy and effective collaboration, essential for your business's success and innovation.


Business Process Optimization Consulting Service: Lean Management Principles:
  • Diagnosis and Operational Vision
  • Business Process Architecture Modeling
  • Work Organization Review and Deployment of Improvements

Daily Management System (DMS) Lean Consulting Service:
  • Simplify the daily management of your operations
  • Reduce the amount of paper documents to handle
  • Ensure real-time monitoring of your team's activities and performance


Continuous Improvement Consulting Service:
  • Ensure the sustainability of your organization
  • Establish a culture of excellence within your company
  • Foster a sense of belonging and engagement among your personnel
CHAINE APPRO Supply Chain / Intralogistics

Supply Chain / Intralogistics

Benefit from our expertise in optimizing information flows for unprecedented performance. At Talan, we revolutionize your ordering processes, minimize errors, and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. Accelerate your operational efficiency and propel your team's productivity to new levels.


Supply Chain Management Consulting Service:

  • Demand Management
  • Industrial and Commercial Planning (Sales & Operations Planning - S&OP)
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning and Capacity Management


Logistics Performance Consulting Service:

  • Selection of storage and handling equipment
  • Analysis of distribution networks and transportation routes
  • Improvement of work methods in distribution centers
  • Layout of distribution centers and warehouses

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Princecraft Boosts Its Productivity with Careful Guidance from Talan

Some time ago, Princecraft, a significant aluminum boat company in Canada, sought the expertise of Talan to optimize its performance capacity. The goal was, among other things, to increase its production rate and double the capacity of its factory. The specialists from Talan's Performance team successfully met and accomplished the challenge entrusted to them.

Discover the challenge successfully tackled by our experts!



metal 7 success story


Métal 7 Improves Productivity through Partnership with Talan

Métal 7, the globally renowned company in the mining industry sector, enlisted Talan's expertise to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of its manufacturing and administrative activities. The goal: to increase production while maintaining exemplary competitiveness in the face of growing demand, all while reducing lead times.

Explore the strategy adopted by our experts.


Talan Is Your Guide to Venture off the Beaten Path

Talan supports growing manufacturing SMEs to maximize value where it matters most. We are more than just a guide; we are an intelligent engine for continuous improvement, blending human expertise with technological power. Our structured approach, designed with an engineering touch, ensures that every step of your growth is meticulously orchestrated. We truly understand your reality and the importance of doing more with less.

Accelerate your operational efficiency and propel your team's productivity to new heights.

So, let's navigate toward your success together.

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