Logistic Performance Improvement Services

Logistics performance consulting services help companies reduce cycle times, improve employee efficiency and simplify their processes. To achieve this, Createch’s consultants use the Lean Management principles, which rely on the elimination of waste. 

Their objective? Increase the competitiveness of their customers, while reducing lead times and costs throughout the supply chain and ensuring a rapid return on investment (ROI). This includes the development of supply chain management strategies, the implementation of technologies such as radio frequency (RF), bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID).

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Diagnostics and Strategies for Rapid Growth

Before offering software tailored to your business and advising you on improved business practices, Createch analyzes your supply chain and your processes:

  • Supply chain diagnosis
  • Developing of supply chain management strategies
  • Development of distribution centers and network optimization
  • Improving Competitiveness

Createch's expertise has enabled several companies to increase their competitiveness and improve customer service by reducing time and costs across the supply chain:

  • Process re-engineering
  • Optimization of stock levels (direct improvement on liquidity)
  • Improved procurement and purchasing methods
  • Improvement of working methods in distribution centers

Collaboration with Customers and Suppliers

Easy communication and collaboration are essential for improving end-to-end management processes. Take advantage of Createch's expertise to: 

  • Optimize demand management and operational planning processes;
  • Develop better approaches for collaboration between business partners;
  • Select and implement supply chain optimization (SCO) systems.

Why Choose Createch?

For more than 25 years, we have been about significantly improving the profitability of our customers. Createch distinguishes itself on the market by its extensive expertise combining the optimization of business processes with the implementation of technological solutions.

We have gained the trust of more than 1,500 organizations across Canada. These companies have given us a score of 90% when asked to rate their satisfaction with our services.

Finally, the approximately 250 Createch employees collectively hold more than 200 different certifications in various fields.

Rely on a team of expert professionals in developing logistics strategies tailored to your challenges and market imperatives. The services of the operational performance improvement team rely on key skills and partners including:


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