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The Importance of Enterprise Asset Management

1-Dec-21-2023-08-20-17-8714-PMFor companies grappling with complex asset management challenges, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems are vital. They offer efficient tracking, assessment, and management of physical assets throughout their lifecycles, significantly reducing downtime, extending asset life, and improving resource allocation.

As the leading EAM solution, Maximo Application Suite provides real-time insights into asset performance and maintenance, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing breakdowns. The solution also supports regulatory compliance and risk management, ensuring assets operate safely and efficiently. Featuring advanced analytics and reporting, these systems are key for strategic decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency and cost savings.

Now is the time! IBM Maximo 7.x will no longer be supported by IBM after September 2025, migrate to Maximo Application Suite, a new comprehensive solution with all the  management applications you need, available now!

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How Maximo Transforms Challenges into Opportunities

EAM systems are pivotal in helping medium and large companies enhance asset performance, improve operational efficiency, manage compliance, risk, and ultimately contributing to overall business resilience and success.

Level-Up Your Whole Infrastructure for Cloud-driven Efficiency

IBM Maximo support for Maximo 7.x ends in 2025—transition now to the advanced, cloud-based Maximo Application Suite for reduced costs, seamless integration, real-time insights, enhanced security, and scalable infrastructure management.

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  • Integration: Can be integrated with other systems and software to provide a holistic view of asset management and its impact on budgets.
  • Architecture: A modern, standards-based architecture that helps to lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Scalability and Agility: Maximo is scalable and accommodates the needs of large institutions with extensive assets and facilities.
  • Strategic Operations, IT and Financial Management: Maximo fosters cross-departmental collaboration and strategic planning by providing a cloud-based, single source of truth for asset information.

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Asset and Process Management Optimization

Maximo Application Suite optimizes asset and lifecycle management, effectively minimizing downtime, and extending asset life, while streamlining operations, automating tasks, and enhancing efficiency, thus reducing costs and improving resource allocation.

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  • Asset Management: Manage physical assets, track the lifecycle, maintain their scheduling and optimize them.
  • Work order Management: Streamline the maintenance process and ensure that issues are addressed promptly.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of spare parts and materials needed for maintenance. Reduce downtime due to unavailability of necessary parts.
  • Mobile Access: Access work orders and asset information in the field, improving efficiency, including Time Entry.
  • Resource Optimization: Allocate resources effectively, including labor and materials, to prioritize critical maintenance tasks and projects.

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Strategic Decision-Making and Long-Term Planning

Maximo bolsters strategic decision-making and long-term planning by providing comprehensive data analytics, enabling leaders to understand asset performance trends, maintenance costs, and operational inefficiencies through organization-wide data aggregation and analysis.

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  • Long-term Planning: Plan for the long term by assessing the condition of assets and predicting maintenance needs, helping in capital planning.
  • Cost Control: Reduce costs, extend the lifespan of assets, and prevent breakdowns.
  • Data and reporting: Maximo provides tools for collecting and analyzing data related to asset performance and maintenance.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Maximo maintains accurate records, monitors asset conditions, adhers to legal standards, and offers risk management by pre-emptively identifying and mitigating potential operational issues.

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From Start to Success: Maximo’s Seamless Integration Blueprint

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  • Asset Inventory and Categorization: Create a detailed inventory of all assets, categorizing them by type, location, and other factors, and record their purchase details, specifications, and status.
  • Condition Monitoring and Performance Analysis: Continuously track the health of assets using sensors or manual input to gather data on usage, wear, and efficiency.
  • Maintenance Scheduling and Execution: Schedule and execute preventive and predictive maintenance based on asset data, ensuring operations run smoothly.
  • Compliance and Documentation Management: Monitor and manage compliance with regulations, keeping thorough records for audits and ensuring all operations adhere to standards.
  • Resource Allocation and Procurement: Efficiently allocate resources for maintenance and operations and automate procurement for necessary materials.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyze asset data to gain insights into performance and maintenance efficiency, aiding in cost reduction and operational improvements.
  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting: Use historical data and analytics for long-term planning, forecasting future asset needs, and making informed investment decisions.

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INNOVATIONS Whitepaper - Big Changes coming to IBM Maximo!

Whitepaper - Big Changes coming to IBM Maximo!

Migration will require careful planning and a roadmap. 

In the eBook, we cover:

  • APM: The Next Generation of Asset Management
  • What's different?
  • Getting to Know Maximo Application Suite (MAS)
  • OpenShift Challenges for On-Premise Implementations
  • Developing a Roadmap to MAS
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CHAINE APPRO Solution Brief - Discover IBM Maximo IT!

Solution Brief - Discover IBM Maximo IT!

The next generation of Maximo — IBM Maximo Application Suite — comes packaged with IBM Maximo IT, which extends Maximo’s traditional capabilities of managing operational assets to IT assets and services.

Discover the solution here!
MANUFACTURE Webinar - Take Full Advantage of Maximo Application Suite

Webinar - Take Full Advantage of Maximo Application Suite

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