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Talan's operational excellence consulting services maximize your company's operational performance by using a structured and customized approach to address your specific challenges. This approach is based on a model that aligns resources, processes, and technologies to enhance your agility in the face of rapid market changes.
Improving operational performance involves eliminating bad practices and focusing on value-added processes. Our experts identify the root causes of problems and define sustainable solutions to optimize your company's productivity and profitability. They rely on best business practices, including the Lean methodology, and work closely with your internal experts.

Our priorities include:

  • Establishing a culture of excellence within your organization.
  • Eliminating waste.
  • Training more effective, engaged, and invested teams.

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Renewed Operational Efficiency

Enhance alignment and boost the performance of your operations. With our expertise, address imbalances and overcome obstacles that hinder your efficiency. 

Reinvent your operations to achieve excellence.

Strategic Cultural Change

Adopt a strategic approach for lasting cultural change. Leverage our expertise to transform your internal processes, develop key capabilities, and establish a culture of excellence.

Are you ready to undergo transformation?

Logistics Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our expertise. Optimize and mobilize your logistics workforce to improve productivity, reduce costs, and adapt to changes effectively. 

Invest in your human capital.







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Ver-Mac et Talan : a partnership with as much history as there is a future.

Founded in 1957, Ver-Mac is a third-generation family-owned company that has established itself at the forefront of manufacturing road safety, signaling, and lighting equipment. With a mission to make roads safe for everyone, the company has designed...

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Implementation of a K.Motion Warehouse Edge (WMS) system (formerly HighJump Warehouse Edge).

Structube is a retailer specializing in modern furniture and accessories. The company's mission is to offer a range of cutting-edge furniture and accessories at the best possible prices. Founded in 1974, Structube started in the market with just one store, located at the intersection of Sherbrooke and Parc streets in Montreal. Over time, this small company...


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Implementation of a Daily Management System (DMS) and Lean Six Sigma Training.

Nétur has recently developed a new specialty: 3D printing. It involves fusing metal powder into solid parts. This futuristic project required a revision of the manufacturing process management on the production floor...

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Review of the layout and expansion of the distribution center.

Énergir wanted to exert better control over the operating costs of the distribution center while maintaining a high level of service quality to internal customers, such as assemblers, and ensuring the safety of its stock distribution network. Therefore, the company wanted to redefine the operating conditions of its distribution center, including...

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Talan Is Your Guide to Venture off the Beaten Path

Talan partners with growing companies to maximize value where it matters most. We are more than just a guide; we are an intelligent engine for continuous improvement, combining human expertise with technological power. Our structured approach, designed with an engineering touch, ensures that every step of your growth is orchestrated with precision. We truly understand your reality and the importance of doing more with less.

Accelerate your operational efficiency and propel your team's productivity to new heights.

So, let's navigate towards your success together.

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Tervene our strategic partner

As a DMS (Daily Management System) specialist, Tervene is daily management software designed for the manufacturing industry, professional services, and the healthcare sector. It supports your operational control, managerial tasks, continuous improvement, and your QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) processes.

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"After over 15 successful years of implementing daily management solutions (DMS), the Createch x Tervene partnership is yet another statement of our commitment to delivering leading-edge solutions and excellence to our customers."
Yves St-Hilaire, Director of Organizational Performance Improvement at Talan

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