Customer Experience (CX) and CRM Solutions

80% of companies think they offer an optimal customer experience: only 8% of their customers agree with this statement. 
[Bain & Company] 

Do Any of These Challenges Apply to Your Business?

  • (Re) Align the organization on the CX vision or refine that vision based on shifting and conflicting priorities
  • (Re) Assess business and technology foundations in order to take a transformational initiative
  • Get guidance on solving challenges with the target customer experience (e.g., fixing low conversion rate, enabling new channels, improving customer advocacy, building new customer service capabilities, etc.)

Discover how our offering can help you attract and retain customers, while growing revenue.

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What Is Customer Experience (CX) for Talan?


CX is a system of marketing strategies and technologies that focus on customer engagement, satisfaction, and experience.

  • CRM
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing

CX is an approach to relationships with customers that goes beyond just marketing tools and software—with the goal of achieving a digital transformation that truly puts customers at the centre of the business. A customer experience management mindset prioritizes the orchestration and customization of the entire end-to-end customer experience, and helps to do it at scale, on any channel, in real time.

Customer Experience (CX) and CRM_Createch

Understand Your Audience

Understand and anticipate the needs of your audience. A unified customer profile from every data source across the enterprise can provide unique insights to help you serve your customers better.

Engage Your Customers

Engage your customers by acting on insights and delivering hyper-personalized experiences. With our portfolio of solutions, you can deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place to drive engagement and inspire customers to take action.

Deliver on Your Promises

Deliver on your promises—from providing a quick and simple buying experience, to having orders ready for a seamless pickup, to showing up on time for a service call. Fulfilling your brand promise is critical to customer satisfaction.

Discover Our Customer Experience (CX) Offerings

We focus on business and technology convergence, providing practical advice, and keeping balance between sustainable technology architecture and the ability to deliver optimal business value. We believe in a technology-agnostic approach and have a deep understanding of most platforms and best-of-breed.

Customer Experience (CX) and CRM_Strategy_Createch

CX Vision and Strategies Alignment

Customer Challenges

  • Eroding market share as a result of increased competition in digital
  • Underperforming CX
  • Internal misalignment on strategy

Our Offer

Provide an objective perspective and share best practices to align the organization on the target end state and strategies


  • Assess the current state through interviews, workshops and surveys
  • Share cross-industry actionable insights and best practices
  • Provide practical recommendations based on best practices and industry experience
  • Gain internal alignment on a refreshed vision and strategies


CX vision statement, framework and strategies

Customer Experience (CX) and CRM_Audit_CreatechCX Technology and Business Capabilities Audit

Customer Challenges

  • IT / Business misalignment on roadmap
  • Internal ownership issues / gaps for key capabilities
  • Prioritization conflicts

Our Offer

Provide a “state of the nation” of business and technology capabilities, and identify the key gaps in people, processes and technologies to deliver the target experience


  • Assess the current capabilities through interviews, project reviews, IT and business roadmap audit
  • Review technology stack, IT team and business pain points
  • Review business KPIs, digital and customer experience processes, organizational and innovation culture
  • Review project intake process, governance, capital approval process, operational budgets, TCO, and contract management.


Detailed audit report with prioritized action plan

Customer Experience (CX) and CRM_Roadmap_CreatechCX Roadmap

Customer Challenges

• Need for guidance as to how to expedite delivery of capabilities, maximize capital employed, and build sustainable foundations
• Conflicting and shifting investment priorities

Our Offer

Build a technology and business roadmap with the right technologies, laid out in an optimal sequence. Plan how to solve the technology and business gaps to enable the target end state.


• Review the vision, strategies, business and technology capabilities.
• Prioritize business and technology gaps
• Recommend a target technology and business architecture
• Identify and sequence the investments required (budget, timeline and resources) to deliver on business objectives
• Deliverables: Roadmap including timeline, budget and relevant considerations

Talan’s Complete CX Offer

  • Vision and Strategies Alignment
  • Technology and Business Capabilities Audit
  • Roadmap
  • ROI / Business Case Analysis
  • Technology / Partner Selection
  • Digital Readiness
  • CX Optimization

Why Choose Talan to Orchestrate Your Customer Experience and Manage Your Customer Relationship?

Talan has a unique combination of abilities to deliver high-value advisory services:

  • Approach based on business outcomes
  • Seasoned C-Level consultants with experience with organizations of all sizes and industries, who have also owned a P/L and ran CX IT / business operations
  • Strong abilities in business process improvement and change management
  • Expertise in back-end and front-end technologies, from ERP and warehousing systems to commerce and marketing technologies
  • Vast network of partners available to support for niche topics

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