Johanne Théroux

Chief, Employee Experience and Branding
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I joined the Createch management team in May 2018. As an organizational psychologist, I contribute my expertise in the areas of human resources, career management, organizational development, and change management.

Having worked for several years as a senior director in international consulting firms, I was able to participate in many organizational transformation and technology projects. I also held positions in human resources management, particularly in technology sectors, and I have been a managing partner in a Quebec organizational psychology firm specialized in talent management and mobilization. Finally, I had the opportunity to assist management teams in the development of strategies and approach on talent mobilization, leadership development, and organizational transformation.

What I am passionate about: the potential and the development of people and their talents. I value the importance of working together and opening up to different points of view, and above all, giving the chance to everyone to contribute to their environment and society. For this reason, I agreed to contribute to the work of the “Conseil Économique et d’Innovation” of Quebec on talent, labour and education.

None of us knows what we all know, together.