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Posted November 30 2017
Written by Createch NetSuite

5 Reasons Wholesalers Go on the Cloud

Distribute on a Cloud

Web technologies are in constant evolution. New apps, software and digital devices are being developed daily in order to facilitate our everyday life. As such, one of the most epic shift in computing might be the cloud. The cloud indeed provides several benefits for many users in a wide range of sectors, including wholesale distribution.

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In fact, a report published earlier this year by International Data Corporation indicates that 35 per cent of wholesalers have already embraced the cloud, with a further 50 per cent currently in the process of implementing such solutions, or have plans to do so.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more attractive in the wholesale distribution sector. Considering the industry’s slim margins, the cloud can help distributors improve their efficiency while reducing costs. When moving to the cloud, an organization retain all technological capabilities. The good news is that they no longer need to maintain them internally. This results in relying on continual support allowing for fast and frequent upgrades, without any disruption. Moreover, the security of data is taken care of. What more can an organization ask for?

Let’s figure out why wholesalers and distributors are now particularly turning towards the cloud and how they reap benefits from it:

  1. Engage your customers online. Achieving customer satisfaction is of capital importance today. This is a big leap for wholesalers and distributors to differentiate from the competition. As customers are buying online, their journey has considerably changed in the last coupe of years. They are now expecting omnichannel experiences. We have even noticed that B2B buyers are looking for the same high level of service from their suppliers than what they get during a B2C transaction. (A review of cloud computing in the wholesale distribution sector).

    Cloud software solutions allow to integrate all data and core systems from each department of an organization to get one single view of the business. As such, marketing strategy can be tailored on clients’ needs by tracking their behaviours.

  2. Understand your customer like never before. As customers can use a self-service platform, your team is empowered with important information about them. You can benefit from a 360-degree view of each client. Moreover, it eases quick scheduling and dispatching of technicians, if needed, or tracking products defects as you support returns from customer. This overall reduces support time as clients manage their own portal. For example, they can change a shipping address without having to call customer service. (NetSuite)

  3. Know your inventory as if you never leave the warehouse. Establishing a system providing centralized information regarding your stock levels in real-time is key to achieving efficiency. As such, you do not experience overstock nor lack of inventory problems, as you automatically receive notices regarding stock levels: With real-time alerts, the instant stock levels fall below predetermined thresholds, you can re-order before it becomes a serious issue. Plus, you can track your inventory at all times from anywhere just as if you were physically in your warehouse. (NetSuite)

  4. Reach new markets. Using a cloud-based platform can help your business accurately nurture leads. You can monitor results with deep data and metrics, measure ROI in real-time and expand opportunities through marketing automation. As such, you can then define your markets and target customers and prospects. (NetSuite)

  5. Maintain control over your pricing options. A cloud-based system can help you to maximise your existing sales force with visibility throughout the sales process. It allows to automatically track new leads, analyze your productivity in real-time, develop flexible pricing schemes, update prices, offer promotion and track results, as well as segment pricing by customer. (NetSuite)

Basically, businesses win on many fronts when it comes to operating on the cloud. It is particularly the case for those in the wholesale distribution sector, due to the slim margin they encounter, as well as the increasing necessity to fulfill customers’ changing needs. On the cloud, the entire company is working on the same page.

Need some help to make the most out of your wholesale distribution business? Contact the Createch team!

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