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Posted January 9 2019
Written by Createch IBM Maximo

A Surprising Experience With Maximo 7.6!

Many companies wait a long time before changing their software version, because of the customizations required to meet their business needs. These are actually very expensive and require strict change management. However, the recent experiment I did could recontextualize this issue of personalization.

Nice discovery!

Some time ago, newly hired at Createch, I had to learn very quickly to upgrade from version 5 of Maximo to version 7.6. After passing the IBM upgrade courses to the latest version as part of my training, I decided to practice with the latest version available, to gain some experience and offer the best possible service to the clients of the firm.

Previously working in the field of electricity production, I created in Maximo an "embryo" power station, a turbine-generator and some auxiliary equipment. I then added the preventive interviews and created the required work orders for the entire life of the group. Impressively, I managed to make everything work without any customization of the solution.

It can thus be deduced that the evolution of Maximo with the new version 7.6 means it is not always necessary to customize the software.

Maximo Upgrade 7.6

It is amazing to see through this learning exercise that the customization requirements for meeting business needs are greatly reduced. In most cases, these customizations are replaced by parameterizations included in the software, reducing the cost of upgrades.

The improvements in Maximo 7.6 should encourage current users of the solution to migrate to the new version, thanks to the new features incorporated into it. These additions make it possible to meet the specific needs of businesses at a lower cost.

We can therefore conclude that IBM's continuous improvements to Maximo software simplify your upgrades and reduce costs. This is one of the major benefits of using software that has a global experience base and incorporates industry best practices.

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