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Written by Talan

Createch Unveils New Corporate Brand

After 25 years, Createch is updating its image to reflect the company’s position as an innovation leader

MONTRÉAL, October 30, 2018 – Createch, a Canadian leader in business transformation, today unveiled its new corporate image and website. The refreshed branding concludes the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the firm, which provides consulting services in business process optimization and the implementation of world class technical solutions.

Formerly known as “The Createch Group”, the company will now operate under the simplified name of “Createch”. With a fresh, colourful new logo, Createch emphasizes its innovative and dynamic approach. The new bilingual name also reflects the company’s strong Canada-wide presence and its readiness to expand into new markets.

As part of the new branding, Createch has modernized its website, which can now be found at The new website’s vivid design allows for easy navigation, providing visitors with information on the company’s expertise and leading-edge solutions, success stories from clients and partners, and a blog with recommendations and advice from our experts.

“We are extremely proud of our experience and of our success with our clients,” said Marinella Ermacora, former President of Createch. “The changes we are making to the Createch brand today strengthen and energize our commitment further.”

Createch will continue to operate with its current structure, and there are no changes to the company’s ownership. Our commitment to clients, employees, and partners remains Createch’s top priority.

 About Createch

Founded in 1993, Createch was created with a desire to help its customers significantly improve their profitability through the optimization of their business processes and the implementation of world class technological solutions. More than 25 years later, this commitment still lives on in our 250 employees. Our company is focused on continuously working to raise our clients’ potential. Createch has been a Bell Canada company since 2005.

 Media inquiries:

Hélène Gamache
Marketing and Communication Manager
514 897-2128

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