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Posted August 10 2018
Written by Vikrant Tuli

Digitalize the Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the mantra of Customer Success. With the paradigm shift towards Cloud Solutions, delivering a better customer experience has become even more valuable and essential in meeting customers’ needs and deeds. Transformation and constant changes for betterment have become not just necessary for survival but also key to growth. As rightly expressed by Sir Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”.

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As such, how is it possible to help our customer focus and take the big leap into cloud technology? The fact is, adding in customer-focused services, like Sales, Marketing and Customer Engagement, to the digitization process can help those teams do their best.

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Client Adaptability

Building customer relations is the key to customer success. The business continuously reaches out to their customers to get more sales and provide better Customer Service. Real time Analytics and KPI’s help the business to understand customer needs and provide service. A CRM tool keeps the Customer Business Interaction intact and provides much-needed information for a better 360 Degree View. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) objectives are managed by sufficient and realistic data which is also essential to provide real customer stats.

One of our customers – a leader in entertainment industry – approached us with a similar need. The project need was crystal clear: to help grow their sales & service business with not just Mobility, but access to real-time customer-centric information — anywhere, anytime. This allows the customer to be assigned to a Sales territory and region for Sales and Service. Overlapping was diminished, and the respective marketing team was responsible for targeting the respective area for potential opportunities and service results.

Challenges of a Cloud Implementation

The biggest hurdle or challenge is user adaptability, which is important for any project rollout, but more importantly, how the user or line of business will benefit? User acceptance is what drives success rate. The key is straight and simple; construct a solution which doesn’t only meet the customer needs, but also provides best Customer Experience. Adapting to the changes Agile methodology brings is the primary challenge faced by the Implementation partner and the Customer. Phase-by-phase implementation was made possible using Scrum techniques and tools like Kanban. A common challenge with the use of SaaS-based solutions is the high level of customizations which decrease the system performance and increase the chances of system crash. In an ideal scenario, customizations should be kept to a minimum and most of the standard uses of the solution should be applied. Another risk factor involves the migration and assembly of Master and Transactional data from one system to another. Data privacy related queries should be explained clearly to the customer to avoid last minute surprises. Using our experience, we were able to mitigate these issues for our client.

Proposing a Hybris Model for SAP backend

At the requirement gathering or preparation phase, our team understood the pain point was not just to provide a mobile solution, but also to enable real-time insights and drilled down analytics. The major challenge and need was to populate real-time clean data from the existing legacy and backend SAP Solutions. Bi-directional synchronization was extremely important on the cloud solutions to project better Sales and Service returns. The customer faced issues in acclimatizing to the On-Cloud Solutions after moving from On-Premise Solutions. It was a concern for them to trust cloud solutions obviously for Data privacy issues. While On-Premise solutions are more secure, cloud solutions cost less and are more agile in nature. The composition of the Hybrid Model was best suited and proposed for the Customers with SAP as backend.

The customer we are talking about in this story realized their need for this solution and after going through the functionalities and a brief POC, chose us as their implementation partner. SAP C/4Hana – Sales, formally known as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer was chosen as the global solution that will grow with their business needs. They wanted to work with a service provider and consultants with a proven track record of providing such secure and agile solutions. That’s how our team, including functional, technical, and integrational experts led the customer on a journey of SAP C/4Hana.

Final Score

Expectedly, the target was to implement a solution that is:

  • agile in nature;
  • supports mobile tablets;
  • Is provided with offline capabilities;
  • Can reduce the time spent on interactions and activities required for both Sales and Service representatives.

The solution thus offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Reduce the complex sales cycle and phases;
  • Gets more leads and opportunities through dynamic marketing;
  • Offers a detailed level of analytics for projecting better Sales and Service revenue and forecasts;
  • Has Automatic Service levels and rules to redirect the lead and ticket to the respective team.

Having already tried to leverage and extend their legacy CRM system as much as they could, the idea behind the solution leap was, simply, growth and sustainability. This is just what the customer witnessed after the implementation.

At Createch, we love to leverage innovative cloud solutions to improve your business. Contact us!

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