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Written by Talan

Video: EAM Accelerator for Cities and Municipalities

The EAM, Enterprise Asset Management, Accelerator built on the IBM Maximo solution. Inspired and assembled for our Cities and Municipalities. Where every aspect of everyday life is rapidly changing as a result of digital technology.

A New Reality for Cities and Municipalities

Cities and municipalities are driven towards an accelerated digital transformation journey. They have now become a catalyst for innovation as they embrace emerging technology at a more rapid pace. The transformation towards a more intelligent operation is underway. The foundations to ensure a better future to serve the needs of residents are rooted in ensuring a sound asset management program is in place.

How Talan Can Assist You

Talan is helping organizations accelerate the deployment of sound enterprise asset management by delivering a proven solution on a trusted platform by a trusted team. The EAM Accelerator is assembled by a team of individuals who are inspired to eliminate the friction within people, processes, and technology to help individuals improve their quality of life and to help them raise their potential at the organizations they work for.

Join the evolution. The EAM for Cities & Municipalities Accelerator. Brought to you by Talan.

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