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Posted February 6 2019
Written by François Jobin

How to Simplify Your Operations Planning

Operations planning can sometimes prove to be quite complex. Even more so in a context where you must consider relevant operational constraints and optimize key performance factors simultaneously. The management of these multiple constraints is a known operational research issue in which traditional approaches quickly reach their limits. Did you know that a simple operation, such as the dispatching of production orders, could generate up to 43.6 billion different sequencing possibilities?

How can technology simplify operations planning?

In this context, the intervention of technology can prove to be most useful. Solutions that could help you in the situation described above include advanced operations planning software, called Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). The algorithms used in such tools aim at establishing the best possible balance between:

  • minimizing set-up times or start times (maximization of operational efficiency);
  • complying with delivery dates as promised to clients (maximizing customer service);
  • synchronizing the production flow of assemblies and subassemblies (minimizing inventories).

This software comprises state of the art functionalities sought after by enterprises wishing to optimize their operational plans. Among these highly valued functionalities, we can find:

  • drag & drop interactive screens;
  • development of various scenarios;
  • finite and infinite analysis;
  • production constraints modelling.

The consideration of multiple constraints can be expressed in terms of:

  • time frame proposed to clients;
  • availability of equipment and labour (man power);
  • targeted inventory levels;
  • supplies/procurement.

In addition to those options typically included in APSs, it is possible to ensure the synchronizing of material flow by taking into consideration inventory and capacity availability.

Organizations that implemented an advanced planning solution experienced significant gains in operational effectiveness, customer service, and inventory management. These solutions also facilitate decision-making by predicting events and by highlighting related operational issues. It then becomes possible for the organizations to confirm realistic delays with their clients.

Contact us to start taking advantage of the best technological tools available and let’s optimize the planning of your operations!

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