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Written by Talan

Manage IT and Operational Assets Under One Platform with IBM Maximo

Islands of automation. They seem to pop up out of nowhere. For instance, how many platforms does your organization use to manage the lifecycle of IT assets? Probably more than one. Now, add in your management platform for operational assets such as manufacturing equipment, fleets, and building systems. That’s at least one more island of automation.

With no single source of truth about asset utilization and health, business leaders lack a comprehensive view of asset cost and performance across the enterprise, leaving them blind to potential opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.


Upgrade Your Asset Management Strategy

The next generation of Maximo — IBM Maximo Application Suite — comes packaged with IBM Maximo IT, which extends Maximo’s traditional capabilities of managing operational assets to IT assets and services. This will give organizations an exciting opportunity to manage their entire asset management strategy through one proven platform.

With IBM Maximo IT, business leaders can eliminate islands of automation for asset management and have complete visibility of assets across the organization. Formerly marketed as IBM Control Desk and IBM Tivoli Asset Management, Maximo IT is a mature platform used for decades in many of the world’s largest companies.

Strategic Integration: Leveraging Unified Asset Management

Embracing IBM Maximo is more than an upgrade to your asset management system; it's a strategic integration that streamlines your technological infrastructure. This unified approach to managing both IT and operational assets not only simplifies internal processes but also unlocks a wealth of benefits, including enhanced visibility, significant cost reductions, and improved operational efficiencies. It positions your organization at the forefront of asset management innovation, ready to navigate the complexities of today's fastevolving business environment with confidence and foresight.

Is it an Operational Asset or an IT Asset?

Bringing all your assets under one comprehensive platform makes good business sense and good operational sense. That’s because the lines between traditional operational assets and IT assets have become blurred. Buildings, vehicles, and operating equipment are now connected to the network through IoT. In today’s world of business transformation, drawing sharp distinctions between these two asset classes no longer reflects real-world operational practices.

Your Next Best Step to Mature Asset Management Processes

For this reason, IBM Maximo Application Suite provides organizations with their next best step in maturing their asset management processes. By eliminating islands of automation for asset management, IBM Maximo Application Suite gives business leaders one source of truth about their most important investments and comprehensive visibility into asset utilization and health.

Adoption is easy because you can track and manage everything under the familiar Maximo platform, allowing you to streamline and standardize asset management processes for everyone in your organization.

Using Maximo Application Suite to manage operational and IT assets gives organizations:

  • A single source of truth for assets across the organization for comprehensive visibility
  • A complete line of sight into costs across all asset classes
  • The ability to better manage risk and protect the organizational reputation by avoiding unplanned downtime due to:
    • IT equipment failure
    • Security vulnerabilities due to unpatched or expired software and firmware
  • Better compliance with software, firmware, and sensor licensing contracts
  • The ability to realize cost efficiencies by using a single platform for asset management. A familiar platform for managing all assets also saves time and money in training.

What You Can Expect from IBM Maximo IT

IBM ITIBM Maximo IT provides the same benefits for IT assets as you get from traditional Maximo, including cost reduction and extended asset life. In addition, Maximo IT helps you manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets from procurement through retirement, giving you the ability to track software and firmware licensing agreements and asset utilization along the way.

Maximo IT helps you track and manage IT assets, such as laptops, desktop computers, servers, and networking gear, all the way out to sensors in the plant, including the software associated with each of these IT assets.

Quick and easily discover :

  • If software and firmware are updated to the most recent versions to ensure you have the latest security enhancements
  • Software and hardware that are out of support to avoid potential security risks or unplanned downtime due to unsupported IT assets.
  • If your organization is compliant with its licensing agreements for software, firmware, and sensors to help you avoid fines associated with software licensing audits.
  • Unused licenses, unlicensed users, and overutilization according to your licensing agreements

IBM Maximo IT combines physical asset management with help desk and service desk capabilities to help organizations stay a step ahead of technology issues. IBM Maximo IT helps organizations reduce costs, extend the life cycle of IT assets, and increase satisfaction through self-service, automated service management and integrated best practice-based service desk capabilities.

With ITSM information in one place, organizations can :

  • Enhance their ticketing system.
  • Improve IT service delivery with a more responsive incident management system.
  • Improve configuration management.
  • Automate workflows such as ticket response, change management approvals, and problem resolution.

Deploy with Talan 

Getting the most out of IBM Maximo IT requires an experienced implementation partner like Talan, who has real-world experience helping organizations deploy and use Maximo IT to its best advantage. Specifically, Talan can help you maximize efficiency and achieve predictable service delivery for ITSM.

Talan implements IBM Maximo IT to align your IT business processes with your business strategy using best practices from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the world’s leading IT service delivery management framework.

That means we can help you take advantage of ITIL best practices to define the best ways to manage a service desk and the best ways to handle incidents, problems, changes, and releases. Our experts are ITIL-certified, including “master level,” the highest level of ITIL certification.

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