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Written by Talan performance

Mobility and Your WMS

Technology is evolving rapidly, and some software vendors are slow to adopt the latest innovations available on the market. Company management must have a clear vision of their market and their needs. In addition, they must be ready to deploy the efforts and make the investments required to exploit these developments.

Take, for example, HTML 5.0, HyperText Markup Language 5, the data format designed to represent web pages. The first version appeared in 2012 and the final version in 2014. How can this technology make our logistics operations more efficient? Let's start with the purely practical aspects that it offers:

  • The HTML 5.0 standard allows users to use the browser of their choice: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. to access Internet content and web applications;
  • It’s compatible with several types of terminals, such as tablets, smart phones, iPods, PC or Mac laptops. This means that an application, like a warehouse management system (WMS) with a user interface built according to the HTML 5.0 standard could be accessible from any terminal ... That's great! 

The principal advantage to remember is mobility. The WMS system becomes accessible everywhere. From a simple smart phone, it is possible to:

  • Consult the availability of an out-of-stock item
  • Make sure that urgent orders have been dispatched on time
  • Check the number of orders to prepare for tomorrow 

With regards to storage operations, this mobility has tangible benefits. For example, an employee who has to go through a rigorous inspection of goods process can now simply do it from a tablet instead of using a computer like before. It is therefore possible for the latter to go on the receiving platforms during his inspection, instead of going back and forth to his office. In addition, the tablet will facilitate the taking of required photos. 

Our partner, HighJump, an undisputed leader in supply chain solutions, is making significant strides every year in research and development. HighJump Warehouse Edge and Advantage solutions have been using an HTML 5-based interface for over a year, making all of their users completely mobile. In addition, by the end of the year, HighJump will launch new features for its "Pulse" product, a real-time KPI visualization module. These new features will make it possible to visualize operational data (number of orders, stock level, productivity, etc.) directly on a visualization board:

  • Number of orders by Quebec regions
  • Number of orders per warehouse area 


In conclusion, has your management system (WMS) followed the technological evolution of recent years? If you want to know all the competitive advantages that a good WMS system could offer, contact us!

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