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Written by Talan SAP

No more Guess and Check with SAP Signavio Process Insights

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SAP Signavio Process Insights automates your process analysis and identifies your business problems. 

What is SAP Signavio Process Insights? 


  • In which areas of your organization do Maverick Buying cases occur?
  • Are all Purchasing Processes harmonized across your plants?
  • What type of information on sale orders prevents the timely creation of invoices?
  • Do you pay invoices too early and therefore lose interest and reduce your available cash flow?
  • Are obsolete documents regularly closed to avoid inaccurate MRP planning results?
  • What amount of Customer and Supplier Master Data is used on SAP ERP, and needs to be converted to S/4HANA Business Partners?

Discovering, analyzing, and solving the factors impacting your SAP business processes can be a tedious and time-consuming task. SAP Signavio Process Insight offers a cloud-based, hassle-free solution to these problems. 

SAP Signavio Process Insights is offered by SAP as a process analytics solution to help organizations optimize their business processes and gain a deeper understanding of how they operate. This tool uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to automatically analyze processes, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement while providing tailored recommendations. These insights, targeted at business users and process owners, can be used to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. By offering this solution, SAP helps companies make fast data-driven decisions and achieve their business goals more effectively. 

Whether you’re running SAP ERP ECC6, S/4HANA on Premises, or RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition, you could benefit from SAP Signavio Process Insights capabilities.

In this blog, we will first illustrate how a data-driven approach using SAP Signavio Process Insights can help you identify and resolve issues that may be hindering your SAP business processes. 

In the second part of this blog, we will focus specifically on SAP ECC transformation to S/4HANA, and how SAP Signavio Process Insight could de-risk your S/4HANA journey.

Finally, we’ll look into how RISE S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition Customers could immediately benefit from the many perks of SAP Signavio Process Insights.

I. Swiftly Drive Continuous Improvement of your SAP Business Processes 

SAP Signavio Process Insights lets you focus on your critical business processes while running on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), directly connected to your SAP ERP System, without the need for a proxy or cloud connector.

1. Quickly Identify Blockers

In less than 24 hours, your SAP Signavio Process Insights tenant is deployed and connected to your SAP software. Ready-to-use Process Flows and preconfigured performance metrics are immediately available. You are now able to start working on your pain points with curated same day insights. 

At the time of writing this article, SAP Signavio Process Insights has over a hundred Process Performance Indicators across 8 Lines of Business, and is constantly growing its out-of-the-box content coverage.

In the following scenario, in the Source to Pay process, the process flow Purchase order item creation to invoice receipt creation is displayed.

Quickly Identify Blockers

Figure 1: Process flow Purchase order item creation to invoice receipt creation

Specific business processes blockers and associated metrics are automatically retrieved from your SAP system, and constantly updated, allowing you to safeguard the actual process’s health and react quickly to changing business performance.

2. Narrow Your Focus for Immediate Results

You could then drill down, slice and dice data to find out where your issues really lie. In the following scenario, the efficiency of the Invoice to Cash process is analyzed, the corresponding process flow Sales billing document creation to FI-AR clearing is displayed. 

Narrow Your Focus for Immediate Results

Figure 2: Process Flow Sales billing document creation to FI-AR clearing

From the information shown, the actual average lead time from Invoice creation in Accounts Receivable, until Invoice clearing is on average 39 days, across the organization. You can then examine how the situation looks in different company codes.

Narrow Your Focus for Immediate Results

Figure 3: Most of the created documents are coming from the company code F002

3. Promptly work on Actionable Insights

SAP Signavio Process Insights is not just good at pointing fingers. Correction Recommendations provide tailored solutions including step-by-step descriptions of what must be done to quickly fix these issues. 

Promptly work on Actionable Insights

Figure 4: Correction Recommendations sorted by impact and effort.

Whereas Innovation Recommendations help you understand where the next strategic improvement should take place, specifically to your industry, using SAP S/4HANA solutions and applications.

Promptly work on Actionable Insights

Figure 5: Innovations Recommendations relevant to your Industry

II. Prepare your Transformation to S/4HANA

For Customers still running SAP ERP ECC, SAP Signavio Process Insights could also allow you to de-risk your S/4HANA Transformation. There are several use cases of the solution:

  • Only migrate the data you need to S/4HANA, whether it’s transactional data, master data or process variants.
  • Get a clear understanding of which process scenarios are currently in use in SAP ECC and in which organizational units.
  • Harmonize configured process variants across organizational units.
  • Identify relevant S/4HANA innovations.

1. Processes Visibility Potential

A lack of visibility into the process variants utilized within the SAP ECC system makes it difficult to develop future processes effectively. By prioritizing the most widely used process scenarios and those that generated the highest value, attention is placed on areas with the greatest potential for improvement. With the first data collection of SAP Signavio Process Insights, one could quickly gain insight into the frequency rare of various process scenarios.

Figure 6: Identify and analyze your Purchase scenarios in use. 

Figure 6: Identify and analyze your Purchase scenarios in use. 

With a drill-down, it’s now possible to learn how an organizational unit uses a respective scenario.

Figure 7: Use Internal benchmarking to compare the usage of specific processes per organizational unit.

Figure 7: Use Internal benchmarking to compare the usage of specific processes per organizational unit.

2. Processes Harmonization Potential

SAP S/4HANA projects offer an opportunity for process alignment. To help with the transition to SAP S/4HANA, SAP Signavio Process Insights can provide an overview of the level of alignment across different processes. By using master data performance indicators, it’s possible to determine the varying configurations used within organizational units and highlight potential for process harmonization.

The performance indicator Supplier invoice issuing to FI-AP clearing measures the number of supplier invoices created in reference to a purchase order, and shows how many of them reached predefined stages of the process and how long on average this progression took. In one company code, 100% of invoices are created via BAPI interface based. In another company code, 90% are created via BAPI interface; however, 9% are created via EDI/Idoc. This could hint to process harmonization potential regarding how the invoice is created.

Figure 8: Performance Indicator Supplier invoice issuing to FI-AP clearing.

Figure 8: Performance Indicator Supplier invoice issuing to FI-AP clearing.

3. Data Cleansing Potential

Regardless of the selected approach — Brownfield or Greenfield — SAP ECC data must be transferred and converted. It’s advisable to thoroughly clean up data prior to any migration to minimize effort and reduce the data footprint. You could leverage backlog performance indicators provided by SAP Signavio Process Insights. While Operational backlog is to be expected, Outdated backlog can significantly increase the efforts for your SAP S/4HANA transformation and should be cleaned up.

Purchase order items open and overdue backlog indicator does not only lead to issues operationally, but they would also need to be unnecessarily considered as part of a transformation to SAP S/4HANA.

Figure 9: Procure to Receipt Backlog

 III. Streamline your move to RISE SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition 

For customers considering or already running RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition: discover the value-adding, business process transformation starter pack which includes capabilities from SAP Signavio Process Insights, and helps you get started on your transformation initiative immediately.

The RISE application plan includes one data load for SAP Signavio Process Insights, in clear you’re entitled to only one data collection run from S/4HANA.

However, by monitoring process flows as well as performance indicators with SAP Signavio Process Insights after the RISE Go-Live, you can make sure that the newly migrated system is used as expected and can initiate further improvements.

Figure 10: Supply chain performance indicators in a glance

Figure 10: Supply chain performance indicators in a glance

Identify and solve post Go-Live bottlenecks, bring to light which cases generate unexpected manual intervention, determine whether the processing of documents is carried out accurately or if the documents are piling up … are all of the many quick wins that SAP Signavio Process Insights could provide, after you’re on RISE Go-Live. In the context of a S/4HANA conversion and migration to RISE, SAP Signavio Process Insights would contribute to improving the end user experience in addition to the many S/4HANA innovations.

Should you buy SAP Signavio Process Insights?

It may make a lot of sense if:

  • You are still running SAP ECC6 and want to harmonize your business processes with the move to S/4HANA.
  • You are running S/4HANA, have identified business indicators relevant to your use cases, and want quick insights leading to quick results.
  • You are running S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, the one-time subscription is part of your contract, use it and evaluate the solution.

With a Plug & Play SAP Signavio Process Insights solution, organizations can gain transparency for improved process performance, receive full insights and recommendations. Updated regularly with 100 correction recommendations and 700+ tailored innovation recommendations for SAP applications, these are real game changers.

Reach out to our seasoned Talan professionals who will assist you in every step of implementing the SAP Signavio Process Insights solution.


Sources: The SAP Signavio Process Insights screenshots were taken from a demo landscape.

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