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Written by Jack Castonguay

Propel your organization forward by developing your managers' full potential

Do you believe your company has all the ingredients to succeed, especially in terms of quality standards or standards of operations? Do your managers demonstrate thoroughness in their work or are there factors that could affect the performance of your organization? Do you feel some employees are disillusioned or unmotivated? Despite your efforts to break down the silos, do they still exist?

In fact, the vast majority of companies have standards, among other things, regarding the quality of their products or services and their methods. However, many of them are unable to apply them so that employees can respect them. This lack of consistency and cohesion costs them on average between 20 and 30% productivity. Moreover, this situation undermines workers' morale in the long run, and they end up feeling discouraged and destined to live with the same problems. Think of it as it should be; is it a loss which you are truly able to absorb the cost of? 

In Search of an Outstanding Remedy 

To remedy these issues, it is essential to systematize the best management practices of your company. It mainly involves supervising the work of managers and workers to monitor productivity and good practices. The system is based on simple pillars which have great stability. In addition, they are viable for all functions of your business, including purchasing, planning, production, warehousing, and engineering. 

Three essential elements of the DMS conducive to success 

1. Structure your operations management 

Create a proactive culture by setting up management routines and frequent communications to identify problems as quickly as possible. Make sure your managers properly support their team daily. 

2. Master the Achievement of Your Results 

Set clear goals for your teams in relation to those in your organization. Check them regularly and let employees tell you what to improve. Examine key processes to ensure compliance over time. 

3. Solve problems 

Continually improve your performance by structuring your problem-solving process and promoting collaboration between different functions. 

These are three simple pillars that will lead your teams towards excellence. Now empowered in relation with the result, they will find ways to correct problems and improve ways of doing things. 

The main asset of a company is human capital. Humans know better than anyone else what prevents them from surpassing themselves. Do you have the luxury of not using this capital to help you be better? The DMS will allow you to listen to it properly. For more information, contact us.

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