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Written by Colin Poel

The relationship between Enterprise Asset Management and Document Management

Has your organization made, or is considering making, an investment in a Document Management system (DMS)? Does your strategic plan include some or all of the following objectives?

  • Increase Collaboration & Communication
  • Reliable Document Version Control
  • Increase Time-Cost Savings
  • Enhances Accessibility
  • Increase Productivity

If the answer is yes, your organization is likely considering a Document Management system. Document Management systems are becoming increasingly critical to store and protect important corporate knowledge.

What are documents?

Back view of businesswoman holding papers in hands

As part of their ISO 12651 documentation, a document can be defined as “recorded information or object which can be treated as a unit”.

Enterprise Asset Managements systems, such as Maximo, also act as repositories for critical documents such as schematic diagrams, standard operating procedures, and purchasing documentation. Organizations are now seeing the benefit of harnessing the power of an existing or planned Document Management system. This enhances the availability and integrity of the documents traditionally stored in Maximo to support Enterprise Asset Management and related business processes.

Createch works with clients who have investigated integrating Maximo with worldclass document management systems to achieve best-in-class functionality across both platforms. These critical integrations require both technical and business process aspects of the solution to be considered. Createch can support the full scope of these projects, from planning to execution.

By integrating the two systems, users will be able to access the full capabilities of the document management system directly from Maximo including:

  • Single sign on (SSO) functionality for both systems
  • Add documents or records to the controlled environment
  • Refer to existing documents or records under document management control
  • See a list of current content related to the work they are performing
  • Print desired documents as required

Createch’s services in this area include requirements workshops to define:

  • Replacement of native Maximo doclinks functionality
  • Required mappings and folder structures
  • Single sign-on capabilities as required
  • Permission synchronization
  • Document printing settings from the Maximo User Interface
  • Business process rules for when documents can be added i.e. cannot append document to closed Work Order

If your organization is ready to achieve best-in-class performance across Asset and Document management systems, Createch can provide the guidance and tools required for success. If you are not currently using Maximo as your Enterprise Asset Management solution, let us show you how powerful a tool it can be.

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