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Posted September 2 2020
Written by Createch IBM Maximo

What is Maximo for Transportation?

Transportation or Fleet Management has faced several challenges over the years:

  • Extending asset life;
  • Optimizing budgets (including spare parts, fuel, tires);
  • Increasing reliability and availability;
  • Improving warranties management;
  • Optimizing parts management;
  • Meeting regulatory requirements;
  • Gathering data to optimize maintenance plan (Predictive and Preventive Maintenance);
  • Implementing software to enhance its administration.

IBM Maximo for Transportation is a solution that provides many alternatives for addressing these challenges while supporting and improving the productivity of several types of fleets such as:

Types of fleets_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch

IBM Maximo for Transportation includes out-of-the-box functionalities for fleet management that are discussed in more detail in this article.

Asset Management Work Management Inventory Management
  • Axle Configurations
  • Consists
  • Asset List
  • Item Warranty Contracts & Warranty Claims
  • PM History
  • Related PM/Master PM
  • Motor Pool
  • Telematics Data
  • Component Code
  • Position Code
  • Campaigns
  • Mechanic’s Clipboard
  • Inspection and Servicing
  • Recent & Repeat Repairs
  • Fuel Issues

Maximo applications specific to Transportation

Axle Configurations

Axle Configurations enables users to track and manage tires and wheels that occupy axle positions on transportation assets. These records specify the axles and the positions for the tires or wheels on the asset. This feature allows users to:

  • Specify rules or requirements for the items that occupy axle positions;
  • Register tolerance values (maximum acceptable variation, such as tread depth) for axle positions at the level of an asset, the bogie (if applicable), and the axle;
  • Rotate tires or wheels into different positions on an asset axle configuration to help prevent uneven wear.


Through this application, users can define rules to manage the assembly and positions of individual transportation assets (cars, locomotives, etc.) into consists (trains sets). In other words, the assets that a railroad train is comprised of.

Railroad train_Consists_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch_2

Asset List

An Asset List is a list of work assets that are related by location or by type. Maximo enables users to:

  • Add locations and assets to lists;
  • Apply to a campaign;
  • Associate job plans with assets;
  • Apply the asset list to a Preventive Maintenance record in order to generate an inspection-type Work Order.

Line of cars_Asset list_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch

Warranty Contract and Claims

By using IBM Maximo for Transportation, you can define warranty contracts and the coverage for assets and items.

  • Asset Warranty: Same as Maximo Asset Management, you can define the repairs to an asset that the warranty provider is responsible for and the duration either by time or meter. Also, you can set up two types of coverage: Full coverage and Component coverage.
  • Item Warranty: The warranty contract establishes the warranty coverage for specific items or a group of items, specifying time or meter duration.
  • Warranty Claims: Users can create warranty claims based on items and labor use, using the Warranty claim application or through a work order.  

PM History

This is a new tab that provides a view of all generated preventive maintenance work orders within the Preventive Maintenance application, with their date of completion, meters at creation and at completion.

Related PMs/Master PM

Another nice feature is the ability to relate PMs. This relationship means that a preventive maintenance record will be affected by the completion of another PM record. There are 3 types of action:

Activate Complete (claim) Deactivate

Changes the status of the

related PM to Active

Changes the status of the

related PM to Complete

Changes the status of the

related PM to Inactive

Motor Pool

One of the most representative functionalities of IBM Maximo for Transportation is the Motor Pool application. This helps users manage vehicle requests, dispatches and associated billings. Users can request a vehicle to be dispatched, define rate schedules to generate charges for asset use and assign schedules to vehicles and drivers.

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Telematics Data

Maximo for Transportation enables users to import telematic data. This provides information about the asset from multiple sources, such as AVLs and Fleet GPS, dispatch systems, fuel systems, handled devices, and cloud data. Also, meter readings, health monitoring information, operating information, and failure codes can be imported.

Component Code Application

Component codes enable users to identify an asset assembly or subassembly. Also, component codes help track and analyze asset performance, maintenance cost and organize component codes into hierarchies.

Component Code application_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch_2

Position Code

To enhance your maintenance strategy and gather meaningful data about your work performance, you can:

  • Define position codes of a part, a component, or assembly on a vehicle;
  • Associate position codes with component codes to identify the position of a component on an asset;
  • Organize position codes into hierarchies.

Position Code_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch_2


Campaigns in Maximo for Transportation are a group of the same or similar work, performed on similar assets. Use this application to:

  • View assets that are affected by the campaign;
  • Track the work progress for the assets affected;
  • Attach one or more asset list to the campaign;
  • List all WOs associated to the campaign;
  • Include a review process, defining a responsible department, person, due date and other details.

Mechanic’s Clipboard

Through the Mechanic's Clipboard, users can assign work and report on work that is completed. Also, this application allows users to view and record in the work order all the information related to labor, materials, maintenance codes, comments, change status and tools.

Mechanic’s Clipboard_What is Maximo for Transportation_Createch

Inspection and Servicing

This application helps users create and manage frequently recurring inspections, servicing, and other routine maintenance activities, not considered as PM or work order tasks. Users can use it independently or as part of a work order.

Recent & Repeat Repairs

This is a great functionality that allows users to view recent repairs and possible repeat repairs to the asset that they are working on.

Recent repairs provide important information to determine failure trends and the cause of problems. On the other hand, Repeat repairs also help determining the cause of problems and the possible correct repair procedure.

Fuel Issues

The Fuel Issues application was created for those companies that manage fuel costs in their budgets. Users can:

  • Issue fuel from bins or tanks in storerooms;
  • View fuel and fluid consumption information;
  • Track fuel transactions;
  • Issue fuel and fluid to assets and update the asset meter reading;
  • Generate reports to examine fuel efficiency for the transportation assets.

Pumping gas_Fuel Issues_What is Maximo for Transportation_CreatechIf you have any questions or concerns about IBM Maximo for Transportation, don't hesitate to contact one of our experts!




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