Success Stories

Implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation


Decrease in the preparation time of consolidated financial statements


Manac now benefits from a greater production of relevant financial information.

Our team is very satisfied with Createch’s support. Thanks to the technical expertise of the consultants and their support throughout the project, we are now able to make a much more efficient financial closure.
Stéphane Vachon Vice-President, Finances, Manac

Impressive Results

  • Consolidation of the organization’s financial statements
  • 50% decrease in the preparation time of the consolidated financial statements; month-end closing procedures has gone from 12-15 days to 7-8 days
  • No data entry is necessary; information is directly extracted. Reports and charts can now be obtained easily and quickly

About Manac

Manac is the largest manufacturer of semi-trailers in Canada, and a leader in the manufacture of specialized semi-trailers in North America. Manac's guiding principles include profitability and manufacturing at the best possible cost.

Challenges and Objectives

Manac primarily wanted to improve the consolidation of its financial statements. The company aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Ensure faster and easier preparation of consolidated financial statements, taking into account that data comes from two different ERP systems;
  • Allow easier access to their data;
  • Get a dynamic view of their data;
  • Automate the reporting process with the construction of preset reports maintained by the user team.

Implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation was the solution chosen for the project due to the automation, reliability, and control possibilities in the consolidation of the financial statements it offered.

Createch experts accompanied Manac in this first implementation project of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for the financial consolidation part of the company. The Createch team shared its technical knowledge with Manac employees and ensured they could carry out tasks themselves in order to guarantee a perfect transfer of skills.

Several positive effects result from this project, including:

  • A greater production of relevant financial information in a shorter period, thanks to excellent flexibility in extracting information;
  • Leveraging SAP Business Planning and Consolidation solution as part of a budget development project.

On the way to the future!

In continuing with these efforts, Manac aims to make information easier to visualize with SAP BusinesssObjects business intelligence solutions. The next steps of the project will be to develop interfaces with dashboards and performance indicators. In addition, by automating everything, it will be possible to follow these indicators and share them with key stakeholders.