Success Stories

Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution

Semican felt completely supported by Createch throughout the whole process of our Dynamics NAV solution implementation. The expertise and deep knowledge that we have benefited from gave us much confidence. Moreover, regular follow-ups carried out by the firm’s experts ensured the proper deployment of the solution within our company
Joss Allimann, B. Sc. Act. Data Quality Analyst, Semican Inc.

Impressive Results

  • Increased productivity in less than six months
  • Effective financial management
  • Autonomy acquired by Semican as part of the integration of a third company on Dynamics NAV

Semican is a company which operates in the agricultural field. As a producer of cereal seeds since 1982, it offers an exclusive wide range of products to maximize the profitability of agricultural producers. To do so, Semican invests in research and development to conquer specialized markets.

Challenges and Opportunities

Semican’s major challenge was the lack of evolution of its “in-house” financial management solution, the BBX product. It was in the hands of one person and offered a poor visibility on the company’s activities in real time. Technologically obsolete, this tool did not foster Semican’s growth, especially since it had just acquired a new company. To ensure its long-term growth, Semican has retained Createch services to implement the Dynamic NAV solution. Here were the company’s main objectives:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency;
  • Ensure the sustainability of good management behaviour;
  • Implement a solution suited to its needs.

Why Dynamics NAV?

Createch recommends the Dynamics NAV enterprise resource planning software package, recognized as user-friendly, scalable and efficient. Dynamics NAV is used by more than 130 000 customers and more than two million users worldwide. This software package combines the majority of functions required to support Semican’s various business areas in one application, including among others, the following features:

  • Efficient and accurate inventory management;
  • Easy access to company data;
  • Complete organization of the business process cycle;
  • Dashboard creation
  • Integration with automated technology tools.

An Integrated Solution

Semican retained the services of Createch because of the trust which was quickly established with the different stakeholders involved. Createch has also gained remarkable experience over the years in the implementation of business solutions and has received a lot of recognition from its customers and the market.

Within the framework of the Dynamics NAV integration project, Createch followed best business practices, including the Sure Step methodology, based on proven management concepts and easy-to-use tools.

One of the critical success factors of this project was the active participation of our client. Indeed, Createch’s experts appointed a super-user they collaborated with to ensure the smooth running of the implementation. Having an overview of Semican’s in-house operations, this super-user acted as an intermediary between Semican and Createch, providing feedback to the firm’s experts on the adequacy of the new processes with regards to business operations. He has thus helped to accelerate the adoption of good management behaviours, as well as ensure their sustainability within Semican.

Key Challenge

There has been resistance to change throughout this project. Therefore, specific measures have been put forward to facilitate the adoption of Dynamics NAV:
  • Demonstration of the tool’s user-friendliness;
  • Solid coaching at each step.