Success Stories

Createch' Experts Guide Stageline in Defining Their Managing Strategy

I’m really happy to have retained Createch’s services. The proximity with the experts we collaborated with, was undeniably one of the most important aspects with the firm. Our employees now rigorously apply their new work approaches. 
Frédéric Munger Manufacturing Director, Stageline

Impressive Results

  • Important wins in terms of productivity
  • Increased employee creativity

About Stageline

Stageline was founded in 1987. Their purpose: to promote the use of mobile, user-friendly and reliable stages. Rented and sold in more than 48 countries, Stageline’s stages are used in over 20,000 events yearly. The company’s wide selection of products meet safety standards, speed of installation, mobility, and versatility.

Challenges and Objectives

Sustain growth

In order to sustain a strong growth, Stageline wanted to implement a strong operational structure to:

  • Ensure raw material availability, lower-cost supplies, and a level of quality that would satisfy the industry’s standards.
  • Eliminate issues’ root causes using rigorous production start-up processes;
  • Maximize productivity through a planning process that would eliminate barriers and bottlenecks;

In general, the company wanted to break down silos as well as improve communication and quality of life at work.

Ensure operational excellence across the entire supply chain.

Stageline wanted to make their processes more efficient, robust and worthy of their products’ quality. To allow:

  • Reducing deadlines;
  • Eliminating issues and improving employee motivation
  • Increasing profits;
  • Reducing overtime.

Project Execution

In order to face their challenges and reach their objectives, Stageline chose to implement a Daily Management System (DMS).

Process Review

To build the DMS from sound facts, an operational diagnostic was completed and showed that the following processes should be revisited:

  • The layout of manufacturing processes;
  • Process planning and ERP system;
  • Production start-up process;
  • Engineering process;
  • Purchasing and procurement unit.

Deployment of the DMS

The set-up of the DMS was part of the company’s manufacturing vision. It was deployed on a vast area comprised of two manufacturing plants and fives departments among which the procurement, quality, planning and leasing. Approximately forty employees were involved.

The DMS carried a change in culture throughout the organization. The goal was to develop management reflexes among employees and evolve teams by involving them in the resolution of issues related to operations.

Consequently, the approach allowed avoiding reactive mode when facing issues and significantly improve communication.

Technology Support DAMASIX

At Stageline, the mobile application, DAMASIX (previously DMS Mobile) is used to ensure accurate tracking of task completion by the employees. The tool helps improve productivity by accelerating the adoption of the right behaviours and by making system updates easier.

Challenge Successfully Taken Up

The participation of the senior management and managers was a key factor in the successful execution of the project. It helped reduce resistance to change and promote the adoption of the tool. From now on, employees see more clearly the issues and their root causes, which makes problem solving easier and improves overall employee satisfaction. 

Createch’s Role

Stageline chose to do business with Createch because they understood that Createch had more to offer than strictly products, as they also offer a full range of services. Indeed, Createch’s experts also guided Stageline in defining their managing strategy. They also contributed to the implementation of a training program to make sure the deployment of the DMS was a success.

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LEAN Daily Management System (DMS) Consulting


Use the full potential of your employees through this process-based management approach. DMS aims to make the daily plan a reality through frequent monitoring of the situation, rapid response to interruptions, and a structured method of eliminating causes.