Success Stories

Implementation of an SAP Cloud for Customer Solution

Impressive Results

  • Sales Representatives now have direct access to relevant sales reports
  • Sales and Customer Service representatives can centralize all their customer interactions
  • Customer contact information can be maintained directly by Sales Representatives in SAP C4C and is automatically updated in SAP ECC
  • Positive feedback from customers on the highly professional visit report

About Uniboard

Uniboard Canada Inc. is a North American leader in the manufacture of engineered wood products. The company has an installed capacity of more than 640 million square feet of pressed particle board and medium and high-density fibre. More than 50% of these are processed into value-added products, melamine finish and laminate flooring. Uniboard employs more than 800 people in Canada and in The United States. Uniboard has been using SAP ECC since 2002 to manage its logistical and financial processes.

Challenges and Objectives

Uniboard wanted to have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to:

  • Share and update SAP ECC customer master and sales orders from the CRM;
  • Centralize all interactions between sales representatives, customer service representatives and customers:
    • Visits;
    • Emails;
    • Phone calls;
    • Client-related documents;
  • Provide clients with a detailed visit report following meetings with representatives.

Createch’s Intervention

For Uniboard, it was obvious that a cloud solution was preferable to an on-premise solution. Using SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) was the logical choice, mainly due to integration with SAP ECC, Uniboard's existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Here are the main actions completed under this project:

  • Configuring SAP C4C to support customer relationship processes;
  • Installing an HTML version for customer service representatives:
    • iPad version for sales representatives;
    • Configuration of SAP ECC to allow the exchange of information with SAP C4C on the customer master, sales orders and the article master;
    • Configuring SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HANA Cloud Integration), SAP’s cloud-based integration package to enable bidirectional data transfer from SAP ECC to SAP C4C;
    • Migrating customer master, article master and sales orders from SAP ECC to SAP C4C;
    • Loading Outlook contacts from sales representatives in SAP C4C;
    • Training of 12 sales representatives and 10 customer service representatives;
    • User Support.

Upcoming Projects?

As Uniboard now has a customer relationship management system in place, the company will be able to implement more advanced features, allowing for:

  • Customer claims management from SAP C4C;
  • Adding new reports in self-service mode.



SAP C/4HANA suite of solutions is the next generation of customer relationship optimization tools. SAP C/4 HANA enables you to manage your relationship with your customers in real time across multiple communication channels (e-commerce, web, mobile, phone, etc.).