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Posted September 16 2020
Written by Dominique Dionne

My Assessment After Six Months at Createch!

Already six months have passed since I made the decision to quit an employer for which I had been working for more than 15 years. Even though I had given it a lot of thought, such an important decision required me to take a big leap. I was indeed going to occupy a very different position from what I was used to. But since my goals were to fulfill my constant desire to learn and to get out of my comfort zone, taking this first step was necessary. I have not been disappointed.

The Integration of New Employees Is Not Left to Chance

Right from the start and through my first contacts, the high level of professionalism of my future employer caught my attention. Nothing seemed to be left to chance! Everything was planned and prepared, from the discussions with Human Resources to the meeting with my manager. Even before my official start date, I was sent my orientation plan and schedule for my first weeks of work. What could be more reassuring than seeing the reliability of the company that hired us when we already feel nervous about starting a new job!

The Buddy Concept

A newcomer to the Operational Performance Improvement practice at Createch will be assigned a co-worker as a contact person they can refer to. This “buddy”, as we call him/her, guides us in our new role as well as in every official or informal aspect of the company’s operations. A mere timesheet can become quite a headache when first starting in consulting!

Dominique Dionne_My Assessment After Six Months at Createch!

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have an exceptional buddy! But beyond the person, certain benefits of this approach make it, in my opinion, a remarkable practice that:

  • Promotes the creation of relationships from the start;
  • Makes you comfortable and allows you to ask all your questions without embarrassment;
  • Accelerates the learning curve of new employees;
  • Makes the integration experience more positive and reassuring.

We Don’t Skimp on Training

Many companies recognize the importance of properly training their employees. To my knowledge, only a few can brag about putting as much emphasis on it as Createch. Training is omnipresent throughout our career within the organization: each employee, new and old, has an annual training plan that is carefully followed.

Training_We don't skimp on training_My Assessment After Six Months at Createch_Createch

We are actively encouraged to develop ourselves and to enhance our level or knowledge. Being someone who values competence and quality, this practice particularly impressed me. It is also perfectly consistent with what is expected of us at Createch: to be up to date with the best practices in our field in order to advise our clients as well as possible.

Our Clients: The Priority!

The whole organization has its clients’ success at heart. Our work ethic towards them is driven by a spirit of respect and collaboration. The team that I joined shares the constant concern to deliver quality services with a high level of professionalism. It is in line with my values. Personally, I find nothing more rewarding than feeling that you are making a difference and contributing to their success.

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A Collegiate Atmosphere

I also discovered at Createch a very strong team spirit and sense of collaboration. No one hesitates to ask for advice or to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues. On an individual basis, we cannot be experts of everything. On a collective basis, the amount of knowledge, experience and expertise within the team becomes frankly impressive. Every member of the team seems to recognize this strength.

It is often said that the work environment is the result of the addition of everyone’s contribution: that of the employer and each of its employees. We hardly feel the hierarchy at Createch. Our managers are accessible and available. When I first started, I had the opportunity to have lunch with our Vice President. A simple attention imbued with respect from someone with a schedule we can only presume very busy. But it is through small details like this one that develops, according to me, the employees’ commitment to a company.

Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of our Quebec City office and the collegiate spirit that reigns here. Several activities are organized, both by the company and by the team. For example, as soon as exterior gatherings were allowed during the pandemic, our managers organized a happy hour on the Plains of Abraham. It was really great to see everyone again (always 6 feet apart, of course…) after many weeks of remote work.

Teamwork_A Collegiate Atmosphere_My Assessment After Six Months at Createch_Createch_Createch

A Management that Supports its Employees

My first steps at Createch were marked by an exceptional event that we will undoubtedly remember for a long time. For both the management of the company and its employees, the COVID-19 pandemic took us into uncharted territory. And since there is no established way of doing things for such situations, it helped me assess the values of the company.

Without a doubt, management listens and cares about the well-being of its employees. In a clear and transparent manner, the President regularly kept us informed of the developments via videoconferences where we were able to ask questions. A survey was also proposed in order to better assess the employees’ state of mind and to help plan the subsequent steps.

Even though this was not an ideal situation for anyone, I was reassured to see how the management team held the rudder to stay the course during the storm, while taking care of the well-being of its crew.

In Conclusion

As a consultant in Operational Performance Improvement, my work is anything but routine. It is first of all intellectually stimulating. I have the opportunity to constantly learn and develop myself whether through training or by interacting with colleagues and clients. It is also very gratifying as it allows me to contribute positively to the performance and success of local businesses.

Before I arrived, I had heard only good words about Createch. I can now testify by myself. I am proud to be part of this company. There is no doubt that it is an employer of choice!

You would like to work for an employer that has your well-being at heart and join a dynamic and stimulating team? See our current job openings!