Control Desk

For IT service management (ITSM) it has become increasingly complex to effectively manage multivendor and multiplatform environments. If you are looking to simplify users and infrastructure support while minimizing costs and increasing satisfaction, IBM Control Desk offers user-friendly self-service, automated service management, and integrated best practice-based service desk capabilities.

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Want to reduce help desk calls, improve first call resolutions, and reduce outages? Look no further than IBM Control Desk, a comprehensive IT asset and service management solution. It helps reduce costs and minimize service disruptions through automated service request handling and efficient IT asset management across enterprise domains. Control Desk includes the following key features:

  • IT, operational assets management
  • Software asset management
  • Software app store creation
  • Change management
  • Change impact analysis
  • Issues Management
  • Self-service, service catalogue

Furthermore, IBM Control Desk, a unified control centre, aligns with your IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to reduce:

  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) by using one integrated system to manage multiple processes;
  • Business risks through impact analysis and automated change procedures that ensure integrity;
  • Licence compliance risks by performing end-to-end software asset management;
  • Training costs as the result of adaptive and simplified role-based User Interface (UI).

You can rely on Createch’s unique implementation approach based on understanding your current processes and identifying your business issues. Our skilled consultants offer an approach that is aligned on your business strategy.


Implementation and Upgrades

Implement a solution that meets your needs. Our experts provide assistance and judicious advice on the implementation or upgrading of your IT solutions.



Ensure optimum use of your IT Solutions. Our experts help you to solve incidents quickly and avoid interruption of service.


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