SAP Leonardo

According to a study by CEFRIO of 500 Quebec companies, 55% of executives know that Industry 4.0 is an industrial revolution and 62% of them say they intend to intensify the use of digital in their business production processes.

The digital shift is therefore a reality. 

SAP Leonardo brings together all the new technologies needed to undertake the digital transformation of your business. Borrowing its name from Leonardo Da Vinci, inventor and Renaissance scientist, this cloud platform provides access to SAP-based products and components based on emerging technologies, including: 

  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning 

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In addition to offering modern solutions ready for use, SAP Leonardo allows you to develop your own extensions using a unique methodology. Improve the lives of your clients and employees by promoting innovation and the integration of new technologies.

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A Solution Looking to the Future 

Find out which technologies integrated into SAP Leonardo will help you propel your business to industry 4.0. See what they will bring to your business strategy! 

Machine Learning

By using certain algorithms and allowing applications to understand the processes in progress, these modules will learn to do certain tasks for you. This will save you time and reduce the margins of error. 


Used especially with Bitcoin, this technology mainly provides a fast and secure communication between people, businesses and machines. Blockchain ensures better transparency of the supply chain by ensuring seamless traceability of transactions and communications, which helps reduce fraud. You'll see faster transactions, better transparency and transaction security, and ultimately, increased customer confidence. 

Big Data

To improve the reliability of planning and simulations, it is necessary to accumulate and store as much information as possible about business processes, customers and the ecosystem. Big Data is the tool that processes and stores this data. It simplifies the management of various data and reduces costs. 

Internet of Things

More and more everyday objects, such as watches, televisions and light bulbs, can connect to the Internet and share data. Industries also use IoT with connected objects such as trucks, buildings or machinery. It serves as a bridge between the physical world and that of applications and allows you to react quickly. Real-time data collection eliminates manual entry in order to save time and reduce the risk of error. 


Once your data is saved and stored, you will need the right tools to analyze and capture relevant information. Use visualization tools (graph, map), predictive analysis or cost and profitability management. 

Design Thinking

Reflect with your clients on how best to solve their problems and improve usage, according to their needs and capabilities. Conceptualize solutions and develop business cases.


Implementation and Upgrades

Implement a solution that meets your needs. Our experts provide assistance and judicious advice on the implementation or upgrading of your IT solutions.


Industry 4.0

Join the 4.0 revolution. Our experts help you to trace the path to your digital transformation.


Why Choose Createch to Take Advantage of SAP Leonardo? 

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