The Next Generation of Intelligent ERP! 

SAP S4HANA_homepage_CreatechUsher your business into the digital age with SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation ERP software. In the age of "Big Data", the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, and real-time data, you can count on modern applications, and use platforms easily accessible by all your users, like tablets, smartphones, and computers.

SAP S4HANA_mobility_CreatechSAP S/4HANA is available in different forms to suit your business needs. Whether you choose an on-premise deployment, public or private cloud, you'll be sure to have a secure, efficient and scalable solution.

Whether it's financial, logistics, purchasing, production or asset management, S/4HANA will help you make informed decisions at any time. It offers real-time assistance capabilities for machine learning and artificial intelligence included in the application.

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Your Business in the Digital Age 

The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) aims to manage your data and maintain a single source of truth necessary for all the actors of a company. With SAP S/4HANA you can take advantage of the many benefits of the industry 4.0 and other technological innovations: 

  • Manage all aspects of your business in real time, even remotely
  • Reduce clutter in your data and technology costs
  • Take advantage of IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Benefit from an intuitive, modern user interface with embedded analytics capabilities
  • Open your ERP to other components of your information system (CRM, e-commerce, supply chain, talent management, etc.)

Simplified and Efficient User Experience 

SAP Fiori_Launchpad_screen 2_Createch Montreal CanadaThe SAP S/4HANA solution comes with the new and improved SAP Fiori user interface. It facilitates quick start and report generation for a simplified, personalized and consistent user experience across all devices. 

  • Enjoy a personalized and modern user experience
  • Access real-time decision support tools
  • Connect all levels of your business for better collaboration and increased productivity
  • Benefit from the "co-pilot" digital assistant, unique in the market and integrated in the solution.

Several Deployment Options

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, the SAP publisher continues to improve its solutions by integrating new technologies and by proposing efficient and forward-looking architectures. 

The new S/4HANA intelligent ERP is no exception to this rule and is available in several versions:

  • On-premise: Installed version on your infrastructures with innovations available every year, but adoptable at your own pace. This version is fully customizable.
  • Hosted: On-premise version installed in IaaS ("Infrastructure as a Service") on SAP (HEC) or third party infrastructures (AWS, Google, Azure or other).
  • Multi-tenant Cloud: A highly standardized ''full-cloud'' version built around best practices. It allows for very little customization. This version is completely managed by SAP on a public cloud and offers the best possible cost of ownership (TCO). It offers innovations every three months.
  • Single-tenant cloud: S/4HANA cloud version with less standardized scale and some customization capabilities. This version is managed entirely by SAP on a private cloud platform (dedicated to the customer). It offers innovations twice a year.


S/4ACTION, the SAP S/4HANA Conversion Packages

Logo S4ACTION_bleu-bleuAt Talan we have been involved in migrating SAP ECC systems to Suite on HANA since 2014 and performed our first conversion from ECC to S/4HANA in 2016! This knowledge and experience has given us the ability to help customer scope, size, and execute their conversion projects according to business objectives in 4 major “standardized steps” minimizing risk and effort.

4 Standardized Steps, a Safe and Predictable Path to SAP S/4HANA



  • Plan WhyHowWhen:

Define your path to SAP S/4HANA according to your objectives and situation

SAP S4HANA_S4 Ready_Createch


S/4 Ready
  • Prepare as much as possible:

Execute what can be done prior to conversion, to make the project smoother

Amélioration continu-icone-damasix-6pilliers-createch400x185-1


Technical Conversion
  • Execute painless ECC to S/4HANA Conversion:

Execute fast and risk-free SAP S/4HANA conversion



Rapid Modernization
  • Optimize your path to the intelligent enterprise:

Add value to your SAP S/4HANA and reach process and user efficiency

Are you interested in learning more about the pricing, timeline and scope of those 4 standardized steps? Download the "SAP S/4HANA Conversion Packages" sheet


Implementation and Upgrades

Implement a solution that meets your needs. Our experts provide assistance and judicious advice on the implementation or upgrading of your IT solutions.



Ensure optimum use of your IT Solutions. Our experts help you to solve incidents quickly and avoid interruption of service.


Why Choose Talan for the Implementation of SAP S/4HANA? 

For over 25 years, our sole focus has been to significantly improve our clients’ profitability. Talan is unique on the market for its in-depth combined expertise in business process optimization and technical solutions implementation. More than 1,500 organizations across Canada have placed their trust in us.

Choose Talan to gain access to our 250 employees who collectively hold over 200 different certifications in a wide variety of fields.

Our expert consultants in SAP systems have a thorough knowledge of these solutions and will guide you by taking into account the needs of your company. In addition to installing SAP S/4HANA, they will take care of maintenance and keep you informed of new developments and improvements. 

  • Proven experience in the areas of financial optimization, supply chain, business intelligence and customer relationship management;
  • Experience with several reputable companies of all sizes;
  • Completion of several important projects with new implementations and migrations towards SAP S/4HANA.

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