SAP Business ByDesign: the Cloud-Based ERP Solution from SAP Designed for Growing Small or Medium-Size Enterprises

SAP Business ByDesign provides SMEs with a comprehensive cloud-based solution that completely covers their function set, allowing growth without complexity, all the while limiting investments.

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Does one or several of the following 10 issues apply to your SME?

  • You use several solutions that do not communicate with each other;

  • You lack visibility to information going around within your organization;

  • You lack visibility on your business processes and operations;

  • You are losing money because of poor decision-making;

  • You wish you had dashboards containing real-time information;

  • You have limited budgets;

  • You lack time to proceed with the implementation;

  • You do not have and/or do not wish to have an IT infrastructure;

  • You lack in-house resources and expertise;

  • You want a solution that will support your SME in its growth.

If any of those concerns is worrying you, discover why SAP Business ByDesign is the cloud-based ERP solution designed for your SME.

The Benefits of SAP Business ByDesign:

  • All-in-one: cloud-based ERP solution ready for use based on 40 years of SAP experience;

  • Integrated: comprehensive functional coverage;

  • Intelligent: real-time integrated analytics for each of your SME’s departments;

  • Scalable: a scalable suite adapting to your growth;

  • Security: security of your data with SAP;

  • Ready to use: a quick implementation connecting services and people within your organization;

  • Mobile: available anywhere and anytime with the mobile application.

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Integrated: a comprehensive ready-to-use cloud ERP suite

Find out how this cloud ERP connects every department within your organization with real-time analysis tools. SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive business suite reuniting each function, service, and process within your company while avoiding important capital, infrastructure, and resource investments.

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Relying on the In-Memory SAP HANA database, SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive ready-to-use cloud ERP for SMEs providing embedded real-time analytics within each module. It covers your department’s every need; human resources, finance, project management, procurement, supply chain management, and client relation management. It also allows adding extensions adapted to your needs.





Intelligent: Real-Time Enlightened Decision-Making With Embedded Analytics

Analytics is natively embedded to SAP Business ByDesign and is an integral part of each process. Thus, you gain in effectiveness and it enables you to make enlightened crucial decisions in regard to the growth of your enterprise.

The solution offers more than 500 standard reports, tons of predefined key performance indicators and Excel integrations, bringing instant transparency to the company.

Ready-to-use, your teams get a real-time view of issues and opportunities that require special attention. From their dashboards, they can access indicators relevant to their specific functions. Thus enabling them to make appropriate time-sensitive decisions.

Video: Scott Tyler, Chief Financial Officer - Chicago Coffee Company, shares his experiences with select SAP Business ByDesign.


Scalable: Designed to Adapt to the Growth of Your Enterprise

SAP Business ByDesign is a fully featured suite that supports your current and future needs.
Flexible, it is designed to adapt to the way you work all the while allowing you to add new processes, new business units, new employees, new markets, and so much more!

It is a dynamic customizable Cloud ERP solution adapting to all your specific needs. It is possible to start with a single module and then add others as your company grows. SAP Business ByDesign can accommodate from 20 to several thousand users. Because of its flexibility, it is always possible to integrate extensions to adapt to the specific needs you might have.

Take advantage of a global presence to develop commercial activities on international markets. Operating in 120 countries, with the ability to adapt to fiscal requirements, languages and various currencies.

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Mobile: Functionalities Especially Designed to Adapt to Your Mobile Device.

Did you know? SAP allows you to access all of your business’s processes through your mobile browser. In order to gain in effectiveness, natively designed applications are available for your iPhone or Android device.

Available on the App Store or on Google Play, the SAP Business ByDesign application allows you to be more productive and work with some of the functionalities regardless of where you are! A wide range of possibilities is made available to you, such as CRM, projects, time sheets, expense reports, and so much more!

Real-time analysis is also included, follow your company’s performance and make the right decision at the right time!

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Secure: Security and Protection of Your Data with SAP

SAP servers are among the most secure in the world. In fact, SAP has worldclass data centers that comply with strict international security standards such as 24/7 surveillance of data centers and regular infrastructure analysis (ISO standards, etc.).

Furthermore, data centers are located around the world ensuring quick access to your data. You get the same infrastructure as Fortune 500 companies!


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