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Posted June 30 2020
Written by Createch Performance

Damasix, the Next Level of your Daily Management System (DMS)

DamaSix is the DMS (Daily Management System) developed and certified by our experts for daily management implementation.

It is based on a principle that applies to all types of businesses: draw on the expertise from each of the organization's resources to reduce waste and maximize the added value for each team.

The DamaSix DMS

The daily activities of a company are organized to achieve specific performance objectives.

Daily management makes it possible to find a better coherence between management's expectations and the actual ability of a team to perform on a daily basis. It uses:

  • Dashboards: process and result indicators
  • Daily meetings: discussion of the previous day's activities and achievements
  • Problem-solving meetings: correction of major disruptions that prevent the team from achieving its objectives

Audits, monitoring tours, round trips, gemba walks, feedback meetings, 5S, and standardization of methods all contribute to the daily meetings. They allow a meticulous collection of facts to analyze problems and correct the causes of non-performance at the source.DamaSix_DMS_Daily Management System_Organized work routine_Createch

This system allows everyone to contribute their expertise, to not only achieve objectives but also ongoing improvement.  It gathers a lot of data that needs to be mastered. More and more companies are taking time to properly organize the recording of information. This is why Createch has developed DamaSix.

DamaSix_Daily Management System_DMS in a glance_Createch

DamaSix is a web application. It can therefore be used on any device connected to an internet network. This allows a very fast installation, as well as instant access to your data, anytime, anywhere.

DamaSix provides you with the flexibility needed for daily operation of the management system and allows you to access a culture of operational excellence.

In order to meet the needs of different organizations and users, we have developed the application around 6 fundamental pillars:

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Multi device_Createch


    • Standardization of activities
    • Active collaboration
    • Frequent fact monitoring
    • Standardized communication
    • Ongoing development
    • Continuous improvement at all levels

The 6 Pillars of DamaSix

Standardization of Activities

The application provides a clear view of all activities on the home page, as well as the ability to drill down into the details of each item with a single click.

The key activities to be carried out on a daily basis are identified and organized for each user. Meetings, audits, gembas or follow-up tours are all structured and clearly visualized in a standard agenda. The advanced and visually intuitive level of detail ensures that each activity is carried out efficiently.

Active Collaboration

Day-to-day management is based on the participation of all stakeholders in the respect of the organization's key activities. Intra and inter-team collaboration is essential to achieve daily objectives.

The application provides sections for notes, conversation (chat room) and personal actions (To-do list). All personal information for the user, as well as information useful to the team's functions.

Frequent Fact Monitoring

Fact-finding is the basis for improvement. Audits and gemba walks provide resources with an accurate picture of each situation that determines the actions needed.

The application can be configured to record any relevant data.  It also captures photos and videos specifying the facts needed for improvement.

Standardized Communication

Meetings and communications are essential for day-to-day management. Time is precious and every communication must be properly prepared, organized and structured to be effective.

Damasix allows to:

  • Specify the agenda for each key meeting of the day or week
  • Better anticipate the level of preparation expected
  • Mention relevant deliverables and indicators

Ongoing Development

The daily involvement in the implementation pertaining to operations and the areas of improvement allow each resource to benefit from the knowledge shared, resulting in good practices. The accessibility of improvement data, the involvement in audits and the proximity of development through gemba promote learning, mobilization and the elimination of daily waste.

Continuous Improvement at all Levels

Everyone's knowledge and expertise are put to use with a common goal: continuous improvement. The organization of improvement priorities is based on tangible objectives. Each resource is involved in solving problems of varying complexity in its own sector.

The application displays the improvement priorities, as well as the implementation efforts evaluated by teams themselves. The extent of the improvements are easily observed, as well as their effects during daily meetings.

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Standardized Activities in DamaSix

The home screen displays all the user's activities. It contains the standardized activities configured for the resource during the implementation of the daily management system. It also contains the communication modules allowing connectivity between resources.

Standard Agenda

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Agenda standard_Createch

DamaSix allows you to set up team meetings, audits, or personal tasks. These three elements can be assigned to specific times in the work day, week or month.


DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Rencontres_Createch

Several options and objectives are possible:

  • Kick-off meeting with a detailed agenda
  • Reserving a time slot for a follow-up tour with your team leader
  • Defining a problem-solving range for the entire company
  • etc.


DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Audit_CreatechThis activity records the information relevant to fact-finding. Audits are configurable according to the needs of value statements, compliance, "go / no go", or comments. The possibilities for fact finding are very large and flexible. The number of audits are at the discretion of the company, and each audit can be activated/deactivated as needed.

Conversation Module

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Module conversation_Createch

This module makes it possible to link different resources, while maintaining a level of confidentiality. Only the resources assigned to a specific conversation can access the information exchanged. Notifications are indicated on the home page when a new message arrives, a conversation can be started during a meeting.

Troubleshooting in DamaSix

Standardized activities are used to confirm the level of control for day-to-day operations. DamaSix helps collect information to understand the current situation. This information feeds into the DamaSix problem-solving database.

For each standardized activity performed by a user, the resource may decide to open an improvement card.

Simple and Complete Improvement Maps

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Carte amélioration_CreatechThe level of complexity of a problem can vary and does not always require in-depth problem solving. The application offers two types of improvement maps.

The simple improvement card allows you to report a problem and propose a solution. This card applies when the solution is an obvious to the problem. This card can also be applied within the framework of a company suggestion program.

The application also allows you to open a complete improvement map. The user further documents the problem description (QQOQCQ) and performs a cause analysis using the "5 Whys".

The statement of facts can also be completed when creating a card with the addition of photos or videos and a data file.

The Kanban of Improvement Cards

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Kanban carte amélioration_Createch

Every company has a maximum capacity for problem solving. It would be utopian to consider solving all the problems raised on a daily basis. This is an objective to be set, but one that requires rules for managing and prioritizing corrections.

DamaSix can select the number of cards to be processed at the same time, according to the capacity of the department responsible for the correction. This is known as the Kanban of Improvement Cards, whose size and groups can be configured at any time.

Improvement Efforts

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Effort amelioration_CreatechDay-to-day management focuses on carrying out standardized activities in order to achieve operational objectives. However, it is important to quantify the effort put into improvements in order to define a reasonable plan. DamaSix provides information on the efforts of each action by resource. This allows an assessment to be made of whether the level of effort planned according to the timelines and standardized activities is realistic. Most importantly, whether the expected efforts will actually be implemented.

DamaSix dashboards

To support the organization in its daily management, it is necessary to consider the situation and its evolution. DamaSix allows you to configure different dashboards.


The application is provided with a number of reports using DamaSix data: compliance with standard agenda, audits, improvement card actions, etc. The reports are generated in SSRS format and are configurable on an SQL database.

Management System Indicators

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_Indicateurs systeme_Createch

In order to see how well the management system works on a daily basis, it is necessary to master the process parameters. DamaSix allows you to configure a dashboard showing the level of use of the system. One can see in particular the level of respect of the standard agendas of targeted resources or the evolution of the improvement maps. The intention of the management dashboard is to understand the use of the system, and thus to confirm the knowledge and control of the resources in their daily life.

Performance Indicators

DamaSix_DMS_gestion quotidienne_indicateurs performance_Createch

Beyond mastering the daily management process, it is important to understand its impact on performance. It is possible to set up a dashboard presenting the results of audits or certain performance indicators.

The notion of performance being relative, the option developed by Createch allows a connection of DamaSix to other databases. This allows a visual management of the indicators and to make a bridge with the application. A Power BI module is integrated into the application, allowing a configurable visual of performance indicators.

DamaSix in Conclusion

DamaSix is a web application that supports the daily management practices of any business. Its home module includes the standard agenda per user, as well as all the communication and problem solving modules.

The configuration of DamaSix is flexible. Thus, it meets the needs of companies that want to significantly increase their productivity and the mobilization of their teams for better workforce retention.

This application gives the advantage of flexible access to relevant data, and control over key activities of daily performance. If you are considering daily management in your organization, contact us for a demonstration.

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