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Posted August 6 2018
Written by Createch IBM Maximo

3 Reasons Upgrading to Maximo is Exciting

While many of you have upgraded your Maximo environments to the latest and greatest IBM has to offer, some of you may still be contemplating making the move. You may still be seeking the answer to your question on how an upgrade would benefit your organization, while others are reaping the many benefits gained as a result of their upgrade.




Many common themes became apparent from our clients who have upgraded. Here are the top three (3) themes that emerged.

1. Mobility:

As we all know, working in a mobile environment is a now standard way of performing business activities. Here is the first exciting part of upgrading to the newest version of Maximo. Accessing Maximo Everyplace is FREE. With the newest version you have the choice to use Maximo in a connected mode while mobile to complete your work.

2. Usability:

Efficiency in today’s fast paced work environment is extremely important. Maximo’s modernized user interface coupled with the ability to access your recent applications quicker will improve your organization’s productivity. In addition, as you access these applications faster, such as the work order tracking application, you now don’t have to worry about completing your work while others can view it without changing it.

3. Reportability:

Digital transformation is contributing to organizations collecting much more data. As this data is being collected, it requires translation into more meaningful information. Enhanced ad hoc reporting, new applications and features for key performance indicators (KPIs), more configurability in BIRT reporting, and access to Cognos® 10.2.1 BI Server products contribute to the transformation of this data into meaningful information.

In addition to the top three, many other reasons our customers wanted to upgrade include:

  • Staying current to avoid a larger upgrade in the future
  • Automation Scripts – added functionality
  • Get the most functionality
  • Eliminated dependency on Java applets
  • License compliance tool

Let us help you get the most out of your investment while you stay current with the latest and greatest that Maximo has to offer.The Createch team will assist you in leveraging and garnering greater benefits through your upgrade.

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