Success Stories

Implementation of the ERP LS Retail

Club Piscine Super Fitness is the largest retailer of pools, spas, garden furniture and fitness equipment in Canada. At its founding in 1991, the company developed the idea of a garden superstore, a visionary concept that had never been exploited before. Over time, the company diversified its products by adding grills and fitness equipment in order to break free from the shackles of seasonality and establish itself as a year-round retailer. Today, there are 43 franchises in Quebec and Ottawa that, through an innovative and fun-oriented approach, aim to equip families with the best leisure products to allow them to make the most of outdoor living.

The Initial Situation

Club Piscine Super Fitness faced some operational issues that needed to be solved. Its main objective was to simplify the processes when exchanging information within the company. Equipped with several, and sometimes obsolete, computer systems, franchisees operated in silos, making communication between them and the head office difficult. Also, this data exchange problem resulted in numerous entries of the same information at multiple levels for each franchisee. Subsequently, there was the desire to reduce the use of paper that was then significant as well as to improve the visibility and reliability of the web’s inventory. In light of these considerations, the company made the decision to implement an ERP that would meet the needs of the head office just as much as the franchisees'.

But why turn to LS Retail? It is through several comparative analysis of the different potential solutions and many tradeshow visits that the IT team of Club Piscine Super Fitness made an enlightened decision. LS Retail has proven to be the best solution to meet their business needs by ensuring operational optimization and an easy and seamless communication in all branches of the business as well as with the franchisees. Moreover, the solution supports their vision for the future and their ambitions in terms of web integration and multichannel strategy.

Promising Results for What Is to Come

With the first chapter of the project being done, Club Piscine Super Fitness is already recognizing the benefits of the implementation. From now on, every operation of the head office is carried out on LS NAV. The centralization of all activities on a single platform has prevented the unnecessary repetition of certain tasks and the use of various systems, all while providing employees with a modern software. Having succeeded the implementation within a limited time frame, the solution is currently very simple. The company is therefore undertaking the second phase of the project, which seeks to set up additional features and to optimize a few processes. This first achievement paved the way for franchisees by defining the implementation model to follow. Indeed, in order to ensure a seamless communication within the company as a whole, the next milestone will be to gradually equip each franchisee with the solution.