LS Central (previously LS NAV) for Microsoft Dynamics

Manage all of your business with LS Central, a business solution based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, which offers a full range of functionalities to meet the needs of retail businesses. Used by more than 4,000 retailers in more than 63,000 stores worldwide, it adapts to a variety of industries, including fashion, electronics, sporting goods and home furnishings. An accessible, user-friendly and affordable solution like LS Central will allow you to manage all your activities.

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The Benefits of LS Central for the Retail Trade

Do you use many systems to manage your points of sale (in store or online), which creates a lot of work and is tedious to maintain? Gather points of sale, store management, supply chain, accounting and inventory in one easy-to-use application! With the integrated software package, LS Central, you control your business from inventory to accounting. Enjoy a simple and complete solution for: 

  • Speeding up your order taking process;
  • Reducing the risk of errors associated with complex interfaces;
  • Measuring the performance of each store and each item;
  • Improving the knowledge of your customers and thus, the buying experience.

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Why Move to an Integrated Retail Solution?

Thanks to LS Central, you will be able to manage all of your activities from a connected point of sale (POS). In store or online, you'll always have access to your inventory, your full product catalog and the transactional history of your customers. 

  • Respond in store to the expectations of your customers who have visited you online
  • Offer targeted offers to better serve your best customers
  • Increase the productivity and knowledge of your advisors with mobile, complete and powerful solutions
  • Boost the experience of your customers
  • Reduce the training time of your employees
  • Provide your employees with modern customer profiling tools.

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Implementation and Upgrades

Implement a solution that meets your needs. Our experts provide assistance and judicious advice on the implementation or upgrading of your IT solutions.



Ensure optimum use of your IT Solutions. Our experts help you to solve incidents quickly and avoid interruption of service.


Why Choose Createch to Build Customer Loyalty with LS Central?

For over 25 years, our sole focus has been to significantly improve our clients’ profitability. Createch is unique on the market for its in-depth combined expertise in business process optimization and technical solutions implementation. More than 1,500 organizations across Canada have placed their trust in us.

Choose Createch to gain access to our 250 employees who collectively hold over 200 different certifications in a wide variety of fields.

Many customers have trusted Createch to integrate LS Central software into their retail business. With many completed Microsofy Dynamics projects, our consulting firm is best positioned to help you achieve your goals.

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