Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) is an integrated management system specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

  • manufacturing;
  • distribution;
  • retail trade;
  • professional services.

This comprehensive solution enables you to manage your entire organization, including supply chain, supply, production, human resources, finance and projects. 

This all-in-one system from Microsoft integrates all your financial, operational and customer data to simplify the management of your business, enabling you to reach your business goals.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central: a Modular and Innovative Solution 

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In addition to helping manage critical business functions, Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you improve your productivity. In fact, the user interface establishes and organizes the different tasks of the users according to their roles. In this way, a person can consult their priorities and access their own information, even remotely, thanks to mobility. Choose Business Central to: 

  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Easily tackle changes in priorities
  • Ensure a better follow-up of the process in order to respect deadlines and the budget put in place
  • Improve customer service
  • Make intelligent decisions with access to real-time data and analytical tools. 

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates with the Microsoft suite of tools including Excel, Word, Outlook, MSFlow, PowerApps, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence.



Implementation and Upgrades

Implement a solution that meets your needs. Our experts provide assistance and judicious advice on the implementation or upgrading of your IT solutions.



Ensure optimum use of your IT Solutions. Our experts help you to solve incidents quickly and avoid interruption of service.


Why Choose Createch to Integrate Business Central? 

For over 25 years, our sole focus has been to significantly improve our clients’ profitability. Createch is unique on the market for its in-depth combined expertise in business process optimization and technical solutions implementation. More than 1,500 organizations across Canada have placed their trust in us.

Choose Createch to gain access to our 250 employees who collectively hold over 200 different certifications in a wide variety of fields.

Enjoy many benefits, including:

  • longtime experience in the manufacturing and logistics world;
  • implementation of the Dynamics NAV solution since 2005, with many active long-standing customers;
  • continuous support from diagnosis until the implementation of the product.

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