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What is "RISE with SAP" with Talan ?

RISE with SAP redefines enterprise resource planning by delivering a comprehensive, cloud-based transformation solution. Utilizing the robust capabilities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the solution focuses on a holistic, end-to-end transformation strategy that encompasses all business functions offering a faster, more efficient path to innovation.
Talan guides your migration to the cloud with a solution engineered to meet the dynamic needs of enterprises in Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale Distribution and Professional Services industries. Whether scaling up for global operations or pivoting to new market demands, it provides the flexibility and resilience required to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.
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Key Benefits of the Solution

Rise with SAP offers a wide range of benefits specifically designed to meet the needs of medium and large enterprises. In the following section, we will outline how this solution can effectively support your business growth and operational efficiency thanks to new capabilities unlocked with the Cloud :

Plan de travail 1 Counter Tech Obsolescence with Next-Generation Capabilities

Counter Tech Obsolescence with Next-Generation Capabilities

1-Dec-05-2023-09-56-24-8052-PMIn 2022, the global average cost of a data breach reached a record-breaking $4.25M and is expected to increase to $5M in 2024.
Delaying migration to RISE exposes companies to stagnation due to ECC's obsolescence, increasing security risks, rigidity and maintenance costs. RISE offers advanced capabilities to overcome these challenges :
  • Real-time data processing, improved analytics, and a superior user experience with SAP Fiori.
  • The Business Technology Platform (BTP) provides advanced integration and extension capabilities allowing companies to connect their ERP with other systems.
  • It also offers business intelligence and planning capabilities enabling more sophisticated and predictive insights.


Plan de travail 2 Reach Excellence with Streamlined and Optimized Processes

Reach Excellence with Streamlined and Optimized Processes

3-Dec-05-2023-09-56-24-9956-PMSince implementing SAP your peers of the Retail and Wholesale Distribution Industries have seen : 5-30% Improvement in on-time delivery performance.
RISE with SAP addresses challenges in demand planning and supply chain agility, reducing manual errors and improving compliance. It boosts process efficiency through automation, enhances decision-making with analytics, and ensures quality, leading to better resource use and cost savings in process optimization.
Plan de travail 3 Drive Market Success with Efficient Growth Management

Drive Market Success with Efficient Growth Management

2-Dec-05-2023-09-56-24-7551-PM85% of the world's largest companies are SAP S/4HANA customers
According to them, superior business performance is tied to the ability to innovate rapidly.
Businesses face challenges in entering new markets and adhering to their regulations. RISE with SAP embraces and deals these challenges by enhancing collaboration, providing customization and innovation capabilities to better access these markets, and offers advanced analytics for strategic decision-making and performance management to guarantee a compliant environnement.


Together, Let's Tailor RISE with SAP to Your Business Goals
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Talan Guides Manufacturing Companies Migrating SAP to the Cloud

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Successful implementation of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation at EXFO
It’s always been constructive. I always felt like Createch was supporting me. There has never been division of any sort between EXFO and the consultants. We were a big team of people who wanted to help one another.
- Nicolas Ferland, Assistant Financial Analysis Manager, EXFO

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Mondou Supports its Growth and Accelerates its Digital Transformation by Migrating to SAP S/4HANA
Fast-Tracked to Success: In just 7 months, Talan's expertise in SAP conversion transformed Mondou's vision into reality! 
On time, within budget, and with a deep understanding of Mondou's unique challenges, we unlocked new levels of customer experience.

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Talan and OVHcloud outsmart the pandemic and succeed SAP S/4HANA's Go live!
Our team of consultants stepped in to support the deployment of SAP S/4HANA in the operational areas of logistics, manufacturing and financial management. We accompanied OVHcloud in the implementation of the SAP software for component purchasing, data and warehouse management, planning, production and financial control.

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Talan is a trusted partner with 30 years of innovative thinking and expertise in digital transformation in the Mid-Market sector. Our mission is to empower companies by enabling them to harness the power of cutting-edge ERP technologies, while streamlining their operations for sustainable expansion.

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