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Posted November 24 2020
Written by Zied Arfaoui

My Impression After Six Months at Createch

My First Introduction

My experience with Createch started with my integration into the Microsoft team as I had just arrived from another continent and another culture. I found kind and professional people who are always happy to help on both personal and professional matters. My first impression was: “I am welcomed as a member of a large family, not as a colleague in a new company.”

Zied Arfaoui_My Impression After Six Months at Createch

Company Activities

Before the end of my first month of work, I was invited to a team building activity that my business unit organizes every year, outside of the professional framework. I was able to get to know my new colleagues more thoroughly and forge stronger ties with some of them. At that point, my impression was the following: “I am in a company that puts the human capital it recruits at the heart of its strategy.”

My second month at Createch was in February, which is the month when takes place the first group meeting of the year, with the second one being in June, normally. During this event, I introduced myself to all of my colleagues, including those who are working in different business units of the company, I participated in various activities between coworkers and I assisted to different meetings on the company’s strategy, objectives and values. My impression then was: “Raise your potential; this is not just a slogan for Createch. I belong to a group where the management team makes of these words its motto in order to develop the potential of its human capital. It encourages us as consultants to adopt it as well to grow the potential of our clients during our projects.”

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My Assessment After Six Months

To conclude, my impression of Createch after six months is:

  • A friendly professional atmosphere of mutual aid;
  • A transparent management team that I always trust in its decisions;
  • A pride to belong to this group.

My goal as a member of this team of consultants is to raise the potential of our clients by delivering them projects and solutions that add value to their processes every day. If this professional vision is appealing to you, check out our job openings!

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