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Posted October 27 2020
Written by Imad Layous

Why Is Createch the Best Employer I Have Ever Had?

After eight months working here in the Oracle team, I can say with confidence and pride that Createch is easily the best company that I’ve ever worked for.

Work Environment and Culture

Considering that most of us are primarily at our customers’ workplace or working from home, Createch succeeded in creating a great work environment and culture that foster collaboration and communication through the Social Club Committee and group meetings. Normally, without the constraints of the pandemic, these meetings happen a few times during the year and include hotel stay, cocktail parties, dinner, animation (new employees’ presentation, years of service recognition, teams’ new projects, company benefits), game tournaments, morning coffees, subgroup meetings and much more. These social interaction opportunities have created a positive workplace culture, encouraged teamwork and developed a sense of belonging.

Imad Layous_Why Is Createch the Best Employer I Have Ever Had?

Social Activities

The Social Club Committee and the managers focus on planning social activities so that we can get together informally outside of work. This helps developing a synergy between the Createch resources to maintain a unique work environment and excellent team spirit. The managers are always open to new suggestions through surveys in order to find out our preferred activities.

Work – Life Balance  

Createch believes very strongly in a healthy work-life balance. The company is extremely caring of our well-being and has been offering us a flexible teleworking program since well before the Covid-19 pandemic. Professional and personal life both are held as equally important and so equally deserving of our time and attention. Scheduling our time ourselves reduces stress and helps us increase productivity throughout our day.

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Learning and Development

Createch does a great job and invests in keeping employees’ morale high by creating a work environment that centres on learning. Training is provided to us through a variety of methods in a formal or informal ongoing learning and development. At the beginning of the year, we fill a development plan and indicate a list of training that will help us achieve our career goals. All this training during the year, and especially during the pandemic, kept my moral high, increased my skills, performance and job satisfaction, therefore delivering better results for the company and our clients.

Rewards and Recognition Program

As Createch works hard to find and hire the top talents, the reward and recognition program plays a very important part in attracting and retaining employees. What’s better than feeling appreciated for your hard work? We all know that one of the top reasons why employees leave their job is that they don’t feel appreciated. This program keeps my colleagues and I motivated, engaged and productive.

For all these reasons and for the promising opportunities at Createch, I can’t imagine a better place to work. You would like to be part of such a gratifying organization? Take a look at our current job openings!

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