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Posted January 26 2021
Written by Createch

My Experience at Createch

A Balanced Work Environment

With my desire to further develop my abilities in the field of operational performance improvement, I was truly motivated to pursue my career alongside experts of this area that has always fascinated me. I was quickly charmed by the Createch team. As early as during my first interview, I was able to notice their great experience and expertise, but mostly their human approach and their high spirits. In no way do we feel like a number at Createch! Despite the demanding reality of consultation, a good balance between personal and professional life is ensured. It allows us to develop a more human contact with both our colleagues and our clients and to develop our expertise all while continuously learning and keeping a healthy life balance. A really perfect combination!

Six months later, I can only reinforce my initial thoughts. Not only is Createch mindful of its employees’ well-being, but our personal and professional development as well as our satisfaction at work also mean a lot to the company. Working for Createch is really like being part of a family.

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A United Team

In moments of celebration just like in more difficult times, the entire Createch team, from management to corporate including the numerous consultant experts, is there to cheer and support us. This constant sharing of successes and learned lessons allows us all to prosper as experts and to constantly surpass ourselves.

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A Masterful Crisis Management

Finally, I could not conclude this overview without addressing the amazing response Createch has had and continues to have towards its employees following the Covid-19 crisis. Since the beginning of this ordeal that the whole world is facing, we are continuously being informed, listened to, reassured and supported. I can undoubtedly affirm that being a Createch employee helps me having a better peace of mind through this crisis. After all, it is in difficult times that you recognize your allies. I am therefore delighted to be part of such a friendly and talented team in a company where reign mutual aid and goodwill at every level, in times of growth as in times of crisis. I can’t wait for what is to come! Take a look at our current job openings so you can also have a fulfilling work experience!

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